Origins & Endings (Gravesong)


A Mission of Many Parts by Gravesong


A small group was gathered together for a number of missions relating to Murandir


Halve Oathtongue12th Sorcerer of House Drannath and Party Leader

Nathan Grey Warden High Priest, Hero of the People!

Janith Mage of the Blue School

Devin Amber Priest of the Reapers

Lickable Luca Priest of the White Path

Toshiro Mufini Ranger Champion, Monk and damage sponge extraordinaire.

Tersius Heirophant Druid

Count Recently returned from the dead, Wizard of the Yellow Guild



We were given a series of mishuns by various notable chaps which broke down as follows:

From Sir Loren De Hal on behalf of the Royal Fellowship:

1a. Travel to Murandir.

1b. Locate and secure a planar distortion device (PDT) used by the empire to stuff up travel to Murandir.

1c. Call in a team of specialists to use da PDT to create a bridge between Orin Rakatha and Murandir


From Gelithinal Nomass on behalf of himself:

2a. Locate a base that should be close to where we are nosing around that used to belong to Kranium Doomwraith.

2b. Call in a Brown Sorcerer Specialist to talk to the stones and keep your eyes open.

2c. Turns out this base is where Kranium Doomwraith first came back from the dead after getting jobbed by the Deepwood Elves. Learn whatever you can.


From Number 10 of the Seers guild:

3a. Find an Axion called Ha-poo

3b. Obtain the Soo-Tek Codex (bunch of scrolls) from him.

3c. Bring Ha-Poo back dead or alive.


Rather than bore you all to death giving you a run down of all da stuff wot happened here is what happened regardin each of da missions.


1a. Done via Yana's Hut although it appears dat dem Agothians have managed to somehow mark da hut so dat dey can now track it frew da planes meanin wese going to have to be carful wiv how we youse it in future. But we arrived safe enough.


1b. The PDT turned out to be a Hepath of Astral Travel wot was sunfing to do with summit called da program which was a weird bird and a bunch of fellas wiv dere brains on plates in a small hut. Dis program cud apparently mess around wiv travelling and also cud be used to create bridges and things.


1c. Da speciailists woz called in and dey did dere work. Dere is now a bridge wot goes from Orin Rakatha to Tharanduil and den to Murandir. Job Done.


Mission 1 Status Success!


2a. Yep dis was quite easy turns out dat da hut wot da empire was using as a guard post for da PDT hepath fing was actually da base of Kranium, we guessed dis quite early and called in some assistance.


2b. Da sorcerer in question was Murtrem herself (Assistant Guildleader of da Brown School) who spent ages and ages and ages and ages digging herself into the stones to find out naughty secrets. She managed to raise a whole bunch of trouble like Grimlocks and stuff but it all lead to . . .


2c. As a result of Murtrems poking we saw a series of visions which woz as follows

  • We saw Kranium Doomwraith and Karriel Lungash talking about creating the Ashnazi from Warlaughs. Apparently Lungash put something of himself into them and Kranium provided information based on his apprentices study into death and stuff. Dey said it would be another one the wolf owes us and laughed evilly. Dey talked about how dem Ashnazi is tougher dan trolls, really smart and generally nails. . dey is right too.
  • We den saw Kranium Doomwraith dead on the floor. Anuvver figure walked in and said ahh good they left his bodyand then proceeded to flow into it and disappear. Kranium stood up and said this experiment was a success and left. We reckoned dis was after da Elves had jobbed him and dis was the first time that the spirit of Cardinaris possessed him.

Mission 2 Status  Success!


3a. We ventured out with some directions from the Pathfinders and after fightin through some Axion guard creatures and undead we came across this Ha-Poo bloke who had a nice bag just bulging with stuff. Halve tried to talk him into coming wiv us diplomatically but it didnt really work.


3b. Wiv diplomacy failing we tried killing him instead which woz much more effective. Da Count opened up some scrolls and got a huge nasty curse on him for his trouble. Dis meant dat we woz hassled by weird undead wraithy spirity things from time to time as they came to remind the count he was Cursed. Anyways the scrolls were recovered and after some sterling work by Halve and Janith dey was translated and we had a story time.


Turns out dat Set is an aspect or avatar of all da stuff dat da people of Axos dont like (strangers, desert, snakes, dress-sense) but he was banished to anuvver place away from Axos. Dis pissed Set off so he basically went looking for somewhere else to conquer. He found a land of mists and mountains which took his fancy so he did a deal with something called Ifaqua da Windwalker who is apparently some really old powerful undead thing (possibly). So Set did a deal wiv him where he gave Ifaqua lots of his power in return Ifaqua would conquer the Land of mists and Mountains and then when hed finished he would be destroyed and Set would get his power back and rule it.


To back up dis plan Set created a Rod (why is it always rods?) which has two rituals linked to it. Binding and Breaking.Binding basically means dat Set could bind dis Ifaqua to do what he was told and da Brekaing one destroys the rod we fink, might be worth talking to Janith if you have any questions hes a smart cookie.


Anyways an Ancient Wendigo turned up looking to take the scrolls off of us but we told him to nick off and after a rather horrible scrap we won kept the scrolls wed rightfully stolen. Turns out dat dis Ancient Wendigo was given the body of a Kalid to inhabit and a bunch of Garamites as minions by a previous Valley group (The name Eziekiel Bramble was mentioned quite a lot when anything like this cropped up!).


3c. Ha-Poos head was brought back (after making sure it was da biggest bit) along with da scrolls and translations. Da head and translations woz given the the seers as requested but the Codex itself (which was empowered) was given to the Grey Wardens to study for the good of the Valley as frankly we didnt want to risk giving dem to number 10 (who has da rod mentioned in da rituals) until we are all sure it aint a dodgy plot which will cause future harm. If it turns out dat the Seers is da best place for em den good luck to em.


Mission 3 Status  Parameters changed in the field by team. Seers probably a bit pissed off. But weve got everything.


Additional Stuff


It being quite a long mission we turned up quite a bit of uvver information which may be useful to future valley groups.


First off Agothian Undead! Turns out dey have a bunch of weird stuff generally starting with Soul.



Dis is a type of undead used by da Agothians. It hits really quite hard wiv spiritual blows and den if you turn your back it hits you even harder. It can also HARM you wiv a touch. It could only be killed with touch evil power as far as we cud tell. Had a withered black face wiv its orifices sewn together.



Attacked with touch evil power. Killed wiv ranged power (powerhammer). Seemed pretty much immune to everyfing else.


As a result of a missed bridge creation we ended up wandering onto Tharanduil where we picked up a few tit-bits from that popular holiday spot.


Wolfhold Dog

We found a dead Wolfhold Dog in the company of a bunch of Morgothian slavers. When we bought him back to life he told us he was definitely not on a secret mission and that we hadnt actually seen a Dog anywhere around here. Shhhh! Dont tell anyone.


The Messenger

Dere are rumours dat dere is a mine near the borders of Arnor which has something called the Heart of the Messenger or the Maw within it. The armies of the Witch-King are there digging it up but at the same time lots of wild Uruks are being drawn towards it and generally being trouble. As dis is quite close to the place our bridge lands it might be a problem! Also it was discussed dat da Messenger (whos been dead a while after being killed by Grand Knight Reef SalAl and a Valley Group helped) is da one which helps da other Nazgul move across planes which cant be good.



During one of da fights wiv some slaver types we found a Kalid fighting alongside da Morgofians. Turns out dat a Nazgul called the All Seeing (bet dat makes da Blind Sorcerer jealous) has been told to come to OR and take over one of da old Kalid towers so expect to see some more Kalid/Morgothian combos coming along.


Trouble in da Family

Rumours is dat da Witchking is pissed off wiv da Savage Chieftan and do da Blind Sorcerer (who runs Barad Tirgul) and da All Seeing (whos going to be running an X-Kalid tower) have been told to bring him in line. Apparently da KVA are seen as the biggest problem for the Morgothians so they want to get their forces in order before trying to kick our heads in


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