Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in /home/sites/ on line 124 Heroquest UK LARP Events (LRP - Live Action Role Playing - Larping) - Forum FireBoard Site Syndication Fri, 24 Jan 2020 23:43:18 +0000 FireBoard 1.0.5RC2 Powered by FireBoard FireBoard Site Syndication Subject: Thanks to Creen - by: Sky R Hiya everyone. As many of you know by now after more than 30 years of feeding us, laughing with us and caring for us Creen has had to step away from Heroquest permanently. She will come along and hang around from time to time to catch up with all the people she misses so don’t think you’ll never see her again. Anyway, lots of people mentioned wanted to contribute somehow to a thank you for her and at the start of December Heroquest set up a justgiving page to raise some money to say thank you. In a very short space of time an incredible amount of money was raised and on the 2019 Xmas event Creen was told about this, she was overcome with emotion and has been floating on a bubble of gratitude since. Frankly I don’t feel that I can ask for more contributions as so much has been raised already, and she and I can’t say thank you enough!! But a very, very big thank you to all who contributed!! However, over the years she’s served probably a few hundred people and I know we wouldn’t be able to contact all of them or even close to but hearing some of the well wishes, memories or funny stories you may have to share would be like the cherry on top of the gigantic cake she’s going to receive. So if you would like to send on a message, please comment here, email me or get in touch on Facebook. You can add a message on the justgiving page if you choose but there is a minimum donation of £2 and we’re choosing not to post the link publicly but you can ask me, paul or sfb and also numerous other people have the link now as it’s been live for more than a month. Lastly if you have any photos with her in over the last 30+ years I’d like to make her an album from her years at Heroquest. Ok so thank you all again, hope you all have a great 2020, hopefully see many of you soon. ???????? Sat, 11 Jan 2020 14:28:51 +0000