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TOPIC: Briefs for Future Events
Re:Briefs for Future Events 9 Years, 10 Months ago Karma: 14  
As a referee and a role player I agree - there should be just as much a chance to fail as there is to succeed.

However, as someone who has helped to run this system for quite a while now and been on the receiving end of many many e-mails from unsatisfied players, I don't agree.

We have lost far more people due to bad experiences where they failed, than we have to people who think its a walk in the park. I have had many comments from people who tell me that they do not like "dark" or failing - they get that in real life. When they come away for a break they like to be happy and succeed. Obviously, we also have those that prefer the opposite.

I think for a little while now though, we have been trying to strike a balance where failure is an option and there are consequences. However, we do not want failure to be the norm (but neither should victory).

I agree that nothing is more satisfying than a hard won victory.

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