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TOPIC: Shadowsfall Tower In Chaos
Shadowsfall Tower In Chaos 4 Years, 4 Months ago Karma: 26  
Recently, the Temple of Four Winds invited representatives from all Towers on Orin Rakatha to witness that the Mystics speak through the Oracles of the Four Winds.

Hostile Shadowsfall Actions

In an attempt to prevent our true claims from being validated, members of the Shadowsfall manipulated the Sativa to trap different Towered groups visiting the Alliance, and remove our guard forces around the Oracle and Temple artefacts itself.

These Shadowsfall turned on one of their own, trapping a Shadowsfall Judge and his retinue.

These Shadowsfall deliberately masqueraded as members of other Towers, violating one of the fundamental Laws of Orin Rakatha.

There has always been tension between different factions of Shadowsfall, but in recent moons their in-fighting appears to have significantly escalated, to the extent where they do not care if there are witnesses.

Shadowsfall Judge Hawson
  • was the Judge caught in one of the Sativa traps.
  • released himself and worked with us to release other trapped Tower groups.
  • visited Baroness Kiara in her capacity of Oracle.
  • acknowledged that the Mystics do indeed speak through the Temple's Oracles, and that the Temple's artefacts are as they should be.
  • said that he would help shepherd the Alliance through the Cataclysm.

Other Shadowsfall Factions

A rival Shadowsfall, believed to be Archivist Amos, attempted to attack Baroness Kiara without examining the Temple's artefacts or seeking any wisdom from the Mystics.

We suspect that he is behind the Sativa traps that we had earlier destroyed.

Witnesses to the Power of the Temple

In addition to Judge Hawson, other Towers who visited and acknowledged the validity of our claims included:

- Halmadons Heights
- Kalid
- Wizards Concillium
- Halls of Sutekh
- Dymwan
- Dai-fah-Dyne
- Reader

Kevralyn Soulfire
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Re:Shadowsfall Tower In Chaos 4 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 26  
Upon further thought, the following can be added to Archivist Amos's list of crimes:

Initiating an attack upon members of another Tower (Fortunes Keep) within a waystation. It is fairly obvious that he was responsible for the large psionic storm within the building.

Previous groups of Shadowsfall (such as those encountered by Sir Kal many years ago) have expressly advised that such behaviour is not to be tolerated.

Archivist Amos and his retinue appeared 'suddenly' within the tavern waystation - as did another Shadowsfall who cast the first trap that we encountered -, thus I believe he and his group dropped in from the Sativa.

Other Alliance groups should therefore be forewarned that the normal rules and sanctity of waystations may not be as expected until these hostile forces have been dealt with, although perhaps the Archivists will be selective in who they seek to attack.
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