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TOPIC: Illianna Mission Briefing
Illianna Mission Briefing 1 Year, 5 Months ago Karma: 12  
My friends it saddens me that I cannot come with you to Illianna, to see once again the spire and to feel the warmth of life, but an agreement made is an agreement bound.

So what can I tell you? Well my official report from our original mission there is lost and was restricted, but all is at stake and people’s differences and beliefs need to be put aside.

Tasked with helping plan this mission I have just returned from a diplomatic mission to Halmadons Heights.

Discussions with our allies within the Heights have given us clear guidance that Sir Danus was from Illianna and from the realm of Calari.

When questioned on could they aid us in travel there, they informed us that it is only through our peoples determination that we would succeed and that success in this crusade would prove without doubt to their people that we were the true voice of the Mystics.

We did point out that this was a stance against the void destroying our home plane.

Whilst they accepted this they stated that the Life Sphere would prevail.

They did confirm that High Priest Andrew has indeed travelled to Illianna but were vague as to how and why.

And so it falls to us, so I will tell you what I know of Illianna.
This plane is split into 3 parts that form a broken spiral around a great tree. These are known as.

Emr Home, The forests of the Elves. This is the only part the Valley has been to before and all being well where you will arrive.

The other two I know little of but there is a way between them I am told. I hope that the people of Emr have taken on my suggestion to explore and trade with these other realms.

They are, Altah-ree ‘The land of the eternal battle’ and Calari ‘The land of light’
Illianna itself is known as a whole as Home realm. It is believed certainly on Illianna and indeed on others that this was the birth land of all races bar mankind.

So how can I put it, all non-humans are considered to be descended from the first race, the Elves If that is true or not is a question of belief I guess, but there is evidence….Just be careful what you say.
Humans are referred to as Almarie (Lost ones) I was the first one they had ever met and well debate was between if I was a Hepath or livestock to be eaten.

Before the destruction of the World Window we had good open trade to Emr.
So to how we got there originally. We were tree shifted by some forest ‘Thing’ so I have discussed with Lord Arbor and he feels the best approach is to seek Cormacs aid.

Please take your Group to the sacred grove outside the New Inn Waystation and Summon Cormac using I have been informed ‘One or more of his mats’

So in short.
Summon Cormac and convince him to aid you in traveling to Illianna.

Once there head to Calari and find the travellers blood line and return it home by whatever means necessary.

You will be accompanied by the Dark Oracle whom will act as a conduit to the New Inn Waystation to aid your return.

Any questions please feel free to ask.
Be brave out there and say hi to Vorca if you meet him.

Ambassador Kudos
On behalf of the Sector Lords
Kudos (User)
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Re:Illianna Mission Briefing 1 Year, 4 Months ago Karma: 3  
Ambassador Kudos,
As a servant of the Sphere of Life i welcome this opportunity to travel to Illianna to further the fight of the life sphere against the void.
It has been a long time, but i am pleased to say
Reporting for duty.
May the sphere of life bless and keep you all,
Cirith (User)
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Re:Illianna Mission Briefing 1 Year, 4 Months ago Karma: 4  
Erm, kudos I need a bit of time off from the shop please,
I may have promised kylar and kiara that I'd go with them if we were ever to travel to illianna...
Also would be nice to make sure the blood line we bring back if we successfully manage to isn't as big a douche as sir danus ended up.
Ill make sure everything is in order before I set off, promise!
I'll try and keep and eye on them while away if my skills are not needed for other business! The joys of having a seer as manager
That reminds me, I need to speak with lord khandis...

Ksndra (User)
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