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TOPIC: Hammertime
Re:Hammertime 9 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 7  
I've told you before seb, what goes on in your head stays in your head. tut tut.

When I first started HQ I had major problems with shield use in that I was bloody useless (some would say nothing has changed), however, I seem to block more than get through now. I found there is a difference with the type of shield you use, there are different styles to centre boss and arm strap and the way that they are used but with everything practice makes perfect.
marktremayne (User)
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Re:Hammertime 9 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 8  
From a professional monsters point of view:
I am making this very clear, i Have not actually played on the other side of the fence, and have been nagged repeatedly about this, but i feel i have a unique perspective in that. Five years a monster....

One of the reasons two-handers work well against us at times is the lack of shields in the monster kit. The extra range of the two-hander and the reduced parrying ability of monsters armed with a single weapon, which as monsters we can do nothing about, means you two-hander will land more blows than the shorter weapons. If I ever try to take two weapons to be able to parry, then i get told off and glared at. Honestly it is easier just to go out and die. Which is kinda stupid really because what real person (ha ha) is going to run up to a party which looks as gnarly and tanked up as you guys armed with a stick...? The only time this seems to actually make sense is when it's a bunch of undead, or goblins.

If any of you party boys end up against a shield wall, then the fun begins. If you were down the caves against the dwarves (pirate HQ) you will remember the dwarves had a shield wall with four shields (actually Uruk-Hai shields, but we won't go there) and four polearms fighting over the top. We were told repeatedly to back off because we were able to push players around... it can be frustrating. In that fight, the party shield wall were brilliant, it was the support behind them that still fell back to traditional 'let the front line deal with it and keep healing them' because we were drilling the line vociferously (read: me shouting at everybody, sorry ) managed to keep the initiative for a long time. I put all of that down to the shield wall being there, not the two-handers.

I would say that seeing as this is not 'real', then the only time you should forgoe the shield option, if is you are playing a character that cannot use it (reaper, barking lunatic, wizard + staff) especially if you are playing a warrior. The really effective parties are those that function as teams, and when teamwork breaks down, a good monster crew will exploit the weakness.

Shields promote teamwork, cover your left and your mate's right, gives an honest fighter (not a snappy elf or dex faggot, they're not honest- hate'em ) a chance against that filthy magic stuff and generally pulls a group together.

You'll know when you're doing well with shields, cos that's when the monster ref starts statting us with vanish inanimates, and tells a few of us to remove certain shields

I would hate to see parties armed all with shields and one-handers, as they would all become vanilla and therefore boring, but from a challenge point of view, I do like fighting people with shields, those without are easier to hit, and it feels too easy.

Anyway, let's let him get a two-hander, and then realise that it is going to be very difficult to use in the front line the hard way. All I would say is to use it as a back-up, and not one-handed unless you have bloody strong wrists. Main monster complaint will be players not pulling blows, guarantee. This often happens when the weapon is too long and the player cannot pull it well enough. I know it isn't deliberrate, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. If I see a player with two four foot swords stomping towards my group, I know there will be girls back at camp complaining about bruises, not to mention a few blokes too.
So use your large weapon two-handed, but have a back-up shield and short weapon for when you change your mind.
And I'll continue to try to sneak a second short weapon past the refs.
alexsearby (User)
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Re:Hammertime 9 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 0  
I would come on a couple more events before you make your final decision what weapon to use

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