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TOPIC: A Year of Reckoning
A Year of Reckoning 4 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 26  
Unlike the normal 'Time of Reckoning', a Year of Reckoning has been declared.

It is a widely-held belief that this will culminate in the Cataclysm, when judgement will be passed - not by the Shadowsfall, but by a far greater force.

Since arriving on Orin Rakatha, many Towers have tried to put us down.
Since arriving on Orin Rakatha, we have done many outstanding deeds that have benefited the whole of Orin Rakatha.

Some of these activities have been preventative:
  • We prevented the Spheres of Nature and Necromancy from being combined.
  • We prevented the masters of the Iron Star from turning Orin Rakathans into psionic slaves.
  • We prevented Otion Wraithchild's Vere from casting Rituals of Desecration upon the land.
Others have been active:
  • We exposed the Saldorians and Melniboneans as meddling with the mists, when the Shadowsfall blamed us.
  • We rebalanced the Four Winds after the Dymwan had misused these tools of the mystics.
  • We exposed the Kalid as meddling with water magic to pretend they had enough status for five towers.
  • We removed a poison that was tainting water magic across Orin Rakatha.
...and more.

No single person could have accomplished these deeds, nor any one sector.

As has been proved again and again, our diversity is our strength.

Though our diversity means that there will always be differences, now in this Year of Reckoning - now, more than ever - is the time for us to stand as one people.
The time for us to prosper as one people.
The time for us to succeed as one people.

And if we are to dare to take our future into our own hands, let us dare greatly.

Kevralyn Soulfire
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