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TOPIC: Halmadonian Intentions
Halmadonian Intentions 5 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 27  
Halmadons Heights have declared a Crusade against Dreadlord Araikas and his followers. The Dreadlord has many followers who do not cast the evil sphere:
  • Followers who believe in strength, respect and Law.
  • Followers who believe in strong leadership.
  • Followers who believe in the success and unity of our people.

I understand that there are plenty within our Alliance who do not desire combat with Halmadons Heights. Sir Clavados and I held discussions with Sir Danus Ramorfin, Tower Leader of Halmadons Heights, a few moons ago. We attempted to find ways that would not bring the Halmadonians into conflict with the Valley, a goal that Sir Danus himself described as 'noble'.

However, the Halmadonians chose, many years ago, to ally with the Kalid. The same Kalid who unlawfully held five towers until their deception was exposed by Baron Irwin and his crew. The same Kalid that have worked to destroy numerous towers on Orin Rakatha: River People, Taranor, Valdemar, Azad An and of course Wolfhold. The same Kalid that asked the Halmadonians to declare war against our peoples.

So should the Halmadonians' feelings towards our people as a whole be any less than clear, here is a copy of letter that the Alliance recovered from a Kalid group, over a year ago:

Dear General Rancorn, 3rd Legion of the Kalid True Blood.

Further to our previous correspondence it pleases me to hear of your success in delaying Dread Lord Araikis and bringing about the fall of the former Wolfhold tower.

The training we have provided you, as part of our ongoing agreement to your legions members has clearly paid dividends to both of our towers plans. High priest Andrew as you have seen has fulfilled our part of this agreement to form a Dreamer sect within the Kalid nation.

Andrew has asked me to remind you in no uncertain terms that interference outside of the agreed framework will not be tolerated and that should you again try to influence the nature of the Place of Myths and Legends then appropriate measures will be taken.

We shall, following your kind letter overlook your attempt to gain Moragar’s inheritance and this is now safely within our vaults where it rightfully belongs.

Can we also thank you for the prompt delivery of the agreed artefacts for payment of said training.

It is pleasing to see your continued drive towards removing the evil that taints some members of your Legions and anything that Halmadons Heights can aid you with in this matter we would be happy to advise on.

Your request for a declaration of open war against the remaining Kern Valley peoples unfortunately can not be granted under the current state of play; however we shall keep this under advisement.

It does, as you have noted, concern me that Fortunes Keep now holds sway to one of the largest number of evil sphere users on Orin Rakatha and steps shall be made to address this matter.

To our announcement regards the Morgothian’s that plague our lands we respect your neutrality in this matter towards our actions and any that join with us.

May this serve in bringing a prosperous future to both our towers and continue our current alliance.

May the blessings of the Good Sphere watch over you.

Sir Danus Ramorfin of Illinia
Grand knight of the Order of Purity
Holder of the White Cross.
Commander of Halmadons Heights.
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