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TOPIC: Settling back in the Nation
Settling back in the Nation 2 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 3  
Greetings fellows of the Valley Nation,

It is only just now that i am beginning to feel myself again after so long on the Plane of Sleepless dead and the void. To tell the truth the process hasn't been made any easier by all the changes that have taken place since i was last here.

I have taken some comfort in seeing old friends but i am distressed to find that Lady Kevralyn has been missing for so long (thanks Gravy!) Are there others also lost? Does anyone know where she might be?

I would like to thank Ichabod and Lucy for their work in the archives and the library, i intend to update my own work (though i was hoping you would write a report of our adventure Ichabod) regarding my experiences of the last few years once i have it all in perspective. However i think their is an important point that i need to make now following Sorceror Khandis report on dealing with Berblegut.

I ( and those i was lost with) were tainted by the Void. This taint was cleansed by our visit to the Life Sphere.

Following my experience with the void and the life sphere i would like to declare that i am fully committed to our fight against the void and the restoration of OR to it's former state. In effect all beings who are not tainted by the void are crusaders for life (whether they realise it or not) and we must all come together to defeat it.

I offer my unconditional support to any and all who will stand for life in the forthcoming conflict.

The Light of the life sphere blesses and protects us all, walk in light
Cirith (User)
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Re:Settling back in the Nation 2 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 13  
Xernes agree since he been to Damnation and back to Life Sphere he has noticed a heavy change in his heart.

The toll on bearing the Staff of Doom containing so much raw void tas change my simple attitude to murdeering. Now it is perfectly clear that my ancestors want me to focus me skills on murdeering da void.

So me is fully behind you and what is clearly da peoples stance.

Xernes Oldparock
Priest of the Reapers.
Shamancer of the Hearth Realm
Xernes (User)
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