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TOPIC: A Letter to all Nations
A Letter to all Nations 1 Year, 4 Months ago Karma: 13  
The Council wish the people of the Valley Nation to know the following was sent to all other nations upon this land.

A copy of the letter sent to all nations:

Orin Rakatha teeters on the brink of disaster.

The void has been spilling from its prison and corrupting or destroying everything in its path for too long. It has destroyed mistweavers, made whole areas of the plane inaccessible and even corrupted mystics themselves.
Much work has been done by many nations to combat this threat and at last we are ready to strike back. The people, items and knowledge needed have all been gathered. What remains is to perform a ritual that will bind the new members of the Bloodlines to Orin Rakatha, to heal those mystics who are tainted and then drive back or destroy all the remaining void influence on the plane.

To this end we ask that the Bloodlines as well as representatives from all nations gather at the Rainbows Landing Waystation at the start of the second week of Leaf Fall Moon where a war council will be assembled and our battle plans will be drawn up in full.

Our world is more important than any grievances or histories between Nations. All Nations must now stand together or fall individually. We will form an alliance the like of which has never been seen before and Spheres willing will never be needed again. An alliance of life, of existence, of hope. An alliance to stand before the void and say simply “No! Orin Rakatha is ours and will remain so!” An alliance and a battle that will be remembered, long after everything else fades away.

Together Life will triumph.
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