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TOPIC: reprimand
reprimand 6 Years ago Karma: 5  
I would like to appologise to my commrads in the last mission for not acting like a proper knight marshall and losing my head (mostly my will at times) espcialy concidering the information i recived from enchanter zalopsas, even i am only a asperant it is no excuse for actions towards my creator and the treatment of his body. although i had good reasons for removing his head other than my own anger at him i will submit myself to a major re-training program and of course offer myself fully to reprimands given by the citadel and will explain myself fully, also i will choose a new name for myself now that based on the knoledge gained but that will come later.

my pledge:-

I shall remain vigilant and unyielding
in my persuit of the enemies of the vally

I will defend and maintain the order of life as was proclaimed by the spheres of good, nutral and evil within orinacather

I will forsake the life i had before so i may preform my duty as long as i am needed


I shall hold my place in the great machine and acknowledge my place in the knight marshall and iron guard

I am a gear,i am golum,i am valleybound

That is all.
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Re:reprimand 6 Years ago Karma: 0  
I don't know as much about the Knights Marshall as I should, but it seems to me you really were steadfast in your pursuit of our enemies, that you put your duty as a warrior above your life on many occassions.

That nutter Tiesus, enemy of Fortune's Keep, of sanity, got what he deserved. He died hard and he deserved it.

Whether you can keep your pledge to defend and maintain the order of life as proclaimed by the three spheres, in other words: The Balance, remains to be seen. I join you in that task, joyfully, as many others do.

Therefore, apology not accepted, you big lump of clinker.

There is more than one path through the woods.

Nature's Blessings,

davegullen (User)
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