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TOPIC: Sacred Sword Recovery Mission
Sacred Sword Recovery Mission 2 Years ago Karma: 1  
The Council of Lords have stated that they wish all of the Valley people to be aware of a recent prominent mission completed by members of our nation.

The mission objective was to attempt to travel to Cardinaris’ realm on the Plane of the Sleepless Dead and once there locate the Sacred Swords and missing Humacti members and return them to Orin Rakatha. I am pleased to confirm that this has been successfully completed.

However, in addition to the safe return of a number of our nation members there were some significant additional accomplishments that were completed on this mission. The Council of Lords wanted the following point to be made known to all Valley members (I am sure official mission reports will go into more detail).

• The party travelled to the Halls of the Damned on the Plane of the Sleepless Dead and became the first to ever escape its curse, bringing back much useful information.
• A large number of spirits lost to the Halls of the Damned and the Plane of the Sleepless Dead were saved by the party’s actions.
• The de-facto leader of the Forgotten nation, Calex Wraithspawn, who has set in motion a number of plans against our people was thwarted in his current aims.
• The Avatar of Darkness was revealed and destroyed, unable to occupy a new host, and subsequently has made our ongoing fight against the Void significantly easier.
• Finally, this party’s actions have removed once and for all Cardinaris and the Staff of Doom.

It was however at a cost

• Suliman, the champion of the Life sphere at the Hall of Heroes, sacrificed himself within the Halls of the Damned and saved the party from entering the Gate of Oblivion and being forever lost to us.
• Kiara, Xernes, Beran and Bill gave some of their spirit strength to ensure that this endeavour succeeded.
• Mountain Klegg of the Humacti, now stands within the Halls of Heroes as a Champion of Life.
• Tancred of the Sacred Sword permanently died by taking Cardinaris into the Sphere of Life.
• Sorcerer Rancor of the Sacred Sword permanently died by carrying the Staff of Doom into the Sphere of Life.

Therefore it is with great respect that I confer the title of Hero of the Valley on the Following

• High Priest Cirith of the Humacti
• High Priest Kiara of the Seers, Oracle of the Darkwind
• High Priest Anthrax of the Brethren
• High Priest Bill Jingle of the Hospital
• High Priest Lupus of the Gauntlet
• Sir Verrick of the Michelene Sect
• Sir Kylar, Marshall of the Dread Knights
• Sorcerer Ksandra of the Red School of Magic
• Sorcerer Ichabod of the Blue School of Magic
• Kurt Polarise, named High Priest of the Humacti
• Xernes, named High Priest and Shaman
• Irwin, Champion of the Reavers
• Scortch, Talon of the Ways and Groves
• Beran of the Humacti
• Sorcerer Rancor of the Grey School ….may you rest in peace
• Tacred of the Humacti …..may you rest in peace

It is with a joyous heart, I can inform all that Champion Gravesong and High Priest Puke have returned to the Valley People after many years spent upon the Plane of the Sleepless Dead.

Sir Clavados
Sir Clavados (User)
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Re:Sacred Sword Recovery Mission 2 Years ago Karma: 2  
It is with both great sadness and joy that i return to you, my people.

The sadness comes from the sense of loss i feel towards my brothers of the Sword who chose to give their lives in the pursuit of this noble and ambitious goal.

This choice that my brothers Rancor and Tankred made is also a source of great Joy, as they died as they lived with great passion and humanity and gave themselves so that those of us who remain can live free from the threat of our ancient enemy Cardinaris who finally is with the Sphere of Life.

I would like to thank all the members of our nation who recovered us from the Necropolis and then joined us to complete this great mission. To accomplish this we journeyed to the very heart of darkness, and there in unity we found our light, deep within each and every one of us, and using it we were able to banish the darkness.

These last few years have been a long and challenging journey for myself and those who have been away so long and for now there is nothing more i wish than to go to the Humacti temple and lands and start once again to find myself in the simple aspects of valley life- training acolytes, requisitioning supplies and getting a fresh lick of paint on those walls.

If anyone wishes to speak with me, I shall be there.

Humact's Light protects and guides us all,

Cirith of the Humacti- proud brother of the Sacred Swords.
Cirith (User)
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Re:Sacred Sword Recovery Mission 2 Years ago Karma: 26  
Welcome home to all our valourous peoples.

I am very glad to see the return of the Sacred Swords to Orin Rakatha after so long spent heroically crusading against Cardinaris. I am also glad to hear he was returned to the life Sphere.

A rousing hat-tip to Mountain Klegg for taking up the mantle of Champion of Life.

I am sad to hear that Rancor and Tancred will never return. Their brave and noble sacrifice means they will live on in legend and song forever, so their deeds are not forgotten.

While I am of course gladdened at the consequences of his heroic and unselfish actions, I am deeply, deeply saddened to hear of what has happened to Suliman, Champion of Life. He, too, shall have his own songs.

Journeyman Bard and Hospitaller Priestess
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Re:Sacred Sword Recovery Mission 2 Years ago Karma: 3  
Thank you sir Calvados for bestowing this title on us all.
We were a diverse group but I think it aided us in our mission.
It has forever solidified my opinion of together we stand, divided we fall.
I pledged myself, around 3 years ago when I watched the sacred sword get spirited away, to the efforts to get them back, in which we have successfully succeeded in, with the loss of a few of us who made their brave and honourable choice to complete what they did.
I am more than happy that cardinaris and the staff have gone (sorry Lan!) And will no longer cause us an issue.
I'm glad calex is somewhat stuck currently, hopefully he met up with his old mentor.

However I lament in the fact I will never in this life see my good friends Rancor and Tancred again.
This is not good bye my brothers, just see you again.

Until I am required for the next mission, I shall be found splitting my time between the temple, the tavern and the humacti lads when I am not trying to find out what is fucking with my fire!!!anyone with any information as to what is screwing with the nodes please feel free to come and find me in one of these areas and let me know your findings

I'm off for more beer.

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