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Some (hopefully) simple questions. (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: Some (hopefully) simple questions.
Some (hopefully) simple questions. 9 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 24  
Well the missives from home certainly are getting interesting and this subject certainly resonates emotionally with some.

Personally I am not (yet) a Kingsman. I have my reasons but a lack of loyalty is not one of them but neither are they things I wish to publically discuss.

What I would like is to actually step back from the specific discussions and get an understanding around some wider questions for my own benefit. I have spent several very interesting years in research which has meant falling woefully behind on my current affairs and politics as I am sure other members of the Alliance have. So without any agenda (that I am aware of) I would like to ask some questions that (hopefully) require a straight-forward answer without any emotional context.

Question 1: Is the intention for King Paulandis (or his subsequent heirs) to rule (as in make policy and final decisions) over the entire people currently called the Kern Valley Alliance?

Assuming the First Answer is YES
~ Will the main seat of power for the Kern Valley Alliance remain on Orin Rakatha or Murandir?
~ Will swearing loyalty to the King therefore become a requirement for being a member of the Kern Valley Alliance replacing (or augmenting) the current requirement to swear status to the guild structure.

Assuming the First Answer is NO
~ What position and role will the King (and his council) take within the current strucuture?

Question 2: Again perhaps this is common knowledge but who exactly are the current members of the Kings Council and what are their responsbilities?

Question 3: I understand that the oath results in some spiritual changes in the swearer (increased spirit strength, some ability to destroy incoming invocations and spells?). Have the results of the investigations into the nature of this bond been made public? an addendum to this, is the bond created by the oath tested in any way (for those joining the council or indeed just those wanting to vote?).

All in due time,

Shard Farsight
somewhat politically ignorant
Shard Farsight (Admin)
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Re:Some (hopefully) simple questions. 9 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 14  

Thank you, at last some positive and good questions worthy of debate and answer.

I do not know the answers to all of the above, perhaps we can approach Sir Arren Hardwicke and ask for clarification (or ask Verrick). I shall answer what I believe.

Question 1 - I get the impression that the intention is for the King and his heirs to eventually rule over the Alliance, although I have to say I think that this is a long way of, if it ever happens.

Again I believe that Orin Rakatha will remain our seat of power ruled by the Stewards and Murandir will perhaps be an outpost where the King resides (his ancestral seat).

Not sure who the Kings Council currently is.

The nature of the Spheres blessing is public knowledge. I am not sure what you mean is the bond tested. It is not possible to receive the Spheres blessing unless you mean your oath - some people have tried to do this and failed. I do not know however if people check to see if you are a Kingsmen (discern spirit strength maybe?).

I would welcome answers to these questions. I also look forward to discussing this when we meet.

I am a Kingsman and I support the King and the idea of uniting the people. However, I never follow blindly and there are some things worthy of debate and questioning.

Nathan (Admin)
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