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TOPIC: boredom
Re:boredom 7 Years ago Karma: 12  
Leitha Fae wrote:
well although i dont believe we can lose the white retreat. i know we wont lose fortunes keep for a fact. if we have to consolidate into fortunes keep and wolfhold itll be full of status.
The White Retreat is lost Fae. The fact that you all got a reprieve is, as Gomeric has said, only a temporary measure. Unless your tower leaders choose to get back over here where they belong I can't see it lasting beyond the next Time of Reckoning.

Gomeric wrote:
...t' best of my knowledge there has been no mention of thanks to any member of that group from those in power that reside in tower. Thought we was s'posed t' be in a kingdom of the valley's. Where is false kings thanks?
Quite. It seems that the white tower is well named after all...
Garret (User)
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Re:boredom 7 Years ago Karma: 2  
then if it is so lost we will carry on what it represents.

King paulandis is a king no matter what, there is no false king. just because he is not one mans king does not mean he is not another mans king and no king can be saved, for we are all in the cycle. one day he will die as will I as will we all. the difference is we may then have to deal with a false hood for those of us present at the wedding did so see it. if the king does not return from murandir then i dont know how we are supposed to treat him as king.

All towers play their part have not many of you recieved resurection, have you not recieved healing from the good shere have you not fought alongside members of the white retreat in your darkest hours. we all are a symbiant for each other we work together to protect our towers.
Leitha Fae (User)
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