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TOPIC: Oops!
Oops! 9 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 0  
OK, so the polite thing to do would be for everyone to pretend I didn't blow up the website playing around with things...

Basically, I was messing around wiht the menus, trying to get it so that certain menu items only appeared to logged in users, and then only appeared as specific submenus... I tried to be a bit too clever by assigning additional mod_mainmenu modules to menu items (so they effectively had two menu states) and that screwed up the way that all of the mod_mainmenu assignments displayed, and prevented the site from displaying submenu items...

Fortunately i had a backup of the site from 2 days ago, and have restored the site to that, but it means we lost a few bit 'n' pieces... sorry!

One tip however, I installed a module called "joompack" which people should be able to see in the "components" menu - it's a really nifty backup thingy which backs up all the site files, as well as the MySQL database, AND creates an autoinstaller, so if the worst happens you just unzip the backup on your computer, FTP them to the server overwriting the files there at the time, goto the site root URL (www.hqtest2.necronomni.com) and follow the onscreen instructions to restore the MySQL database... Takes an hour but means that if we really cock things up it's not the end of the world...

I'd appreciate it if we could all get in the habit of using joomlapack to backup the site before we do anything serious to avoid "doing a Seb" again in the future!
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