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TOPIC: Yule Mission Update
Yule Mission Update 6 Years ago Karma: 9  
To all.

Let it be known that the recent mission to contact the spirit of the Aldonar Artificer Rex Mundi was a complete success.

Artificer Mundi has been secured within the walls of Fortune's Keep and has opted to reside within the sector of Darkholm.

High Preistess Mary-am wishes to pass on her personal thanks to all involved. Aside from the initial intelligence regarding the Aldonar artefacts, (which I will let the adventurers on the mission detail in their own reports) we have high hopes of learning a great deal more of the artefact as well as techniques of crafting as yet unknown within our tower.

Let the name of the former Taranor Seer Jo-Seth Mundi be remembered with honour for the sacrifice he made to secure the successful outcome of the ritual.

It should also be noted that our scouts have not reported any hordeling activity within the past seven days. It is likely that, due to the nature of the ritual, the hordelings that were encountered were summoned specifically as part of said ritual and should not be considered representative of wider activity.

Your servant

Erskine Ghoulmaker
Temporary spokesperson for Darkholm
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Re:Yule Mission Update 6 Years ago Karma: 11  
I guess this explains allot of things.

The ritual being Aldonar summoned things both connected now and then. for example the HH lot were clearly from the now, um or were they? Something else to ponder on. As you say they were old school hordlings and even the CB clearly didnt understand a word we said so was probably pre their Orin involvement.

Shame would of been nice to quiz some of them on some history but hay ho we did what was needed.

Right off to the Tavern to raise a glass to Taranor Seer Jo-Seth Mundi.


Kudos (User)
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