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I'd give all credit for the event for the lovely bar staff at The Chandos near charing cross for serving us enough beer to drag Bruce dribbling and frothing back into reffing but seriously it's been a good team so far not only Gav and Bruce but all the monsters and players who made the event what it was.

My high points,

- Kal channeling Puke to clear traps in the vault while feebleminded and _still_ missing the final snap trap that nearly caused myself an embarrassing accident after assuming they had all gone off the next morning in "the box of evil"
- Kal again claiming the "evil is escaping. . . Someone get Cerredwin" and Sarah for such a low key response that we all felt cheated.
- Nic for naming day cake delivery
- Giles going into mentor mode for Vallen and Smudge for taking Kakarot under his wing. Was great fun especially the grins from everyone when Vallen got the power steal off following the lessons
- Watching the party roll through "groundhog" day with ease, and humour. It was amazing to see the difference in the battle boards.
- Going back to the monster base and hearing "are they enjoying it" consistently before "did we get anyone?"
- The Kalid fight with some proper command structure! I was getting nervous and excited even as an npc.
- ichabod cracking certain scrolls that I thought in the pub were so silly no one would get them! Good job mick.
- Story time with ichabod reading T's diary especially a sleepy renown reminding us where to begin again.
- the vault. Despite setting most of the traps I still couldn't remember what would go bang or jingle.
- The T fight. I was worried about how it might come off but I enjoyed it anyway.
- Duergar. Never has Horley been quite so full of armoured fellas (and one bearded lass)
- Party plans to make a randolphin dolly! I was excited for my new line of orin rakatha playthings really taking off.

Too many to mention for me really, a pleasure to player red for monsters players and refs alike. I hope this continues as well as it has started.


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