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I agree, a bold idea, executed brilliantly. Having been to Herofest before, I did wonder how the rest of the factions would tolerate something new like us, especially working to different rules. But it seemed to work well. Having so many extra (effectively) npcs around provided an enormous amount of extra colour, even if it did make us behave in very un-valley like ways.

Fave bits:

Big battle with Puke-lite and chums

Battles with Kalid, when outnumbered

Interactions with the Vampires of Dark Pass

Trash-talk around the fire

Unfortunately I won't be at the next one. After his heroic performance as chief vet to the cattle at the big Puke battle, I will be spending time founding the Herofest faction the 'Nation of Nathan'. It will consist largely of both healers, evil power users, and of course, goblins. Our symbol will be a very leaky tent, our motto - 'what would Nathan do?'. New members welcome.
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