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Re:QuestyFest 6 Years, 4 Months ago Karma: 2  
Hi all,
Big thanx to Sean, Gav and Bruce for attempting something new!

Next time i would let us interact a little more ... personally i think it would have been great for the Festers to see the Questers in action - firstly to show them how much fun HQ fights are secondly so they understand we dont follow the same rules! The big fight on the dunes we were too spread out chasing down the dymwan, if there had been a big HQ monster squad like the Death Knight swatting Festers down, then they would have all had some respect for us taking 30 mins to kill him!

Unfortunately i think we were too huddled in a bush for them to see us actually take the death knight down.

Apart from that i was in Humakti heaven. Very much enjoyed the plot, always wanted to get some first hand Aldonar experience.

Great to see some old friends, on both sides. Hugely enjoyed getting staffed on the head 6 times by the George Zombie! Thought for a second Miles had joined the monster crew.

Out Thugging some festers with Anthrax and Barney was great fun. We just happened to be walking by as they started insulting Barney, then as they thought we were ripe for a mugging they got some Valley diplomacy!

I was hoping to make June but something may have come up. But definitely up for a Chisslehurst Cave event. That will be Spesh too!
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