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Re:QuestyFest 6 Years, 4 Months ago Karma: 8  
I'd like to thank Bruce, Shaun and Gav for a great plot, that we could follow (kinda ) and the party for being so positive throughout.
I looked at my fellow crew members and it was a solid fighting group. At least 4 of the Super-Heavyweight Tower were there, and the party didn't back down once. Brilliant fighting against such a determined group.
We all had a great time monstering against you and there was not a single gripe or complaint back in monster base.

My fav moments, I guess the DeathKnight was pretty cool. Definitely. I love beating the arrogant out of people. 'I do not fear you!' 'Fine, die then... It's a learning curve'

Khalid fight as the first encounter on Sunday, my fellow monsters did me proud.

Three of us taking on the Jewelled Pavilion and another 40 Festers and winning twice, before being scragged by numbers. Ace fight against the wiggly hips...

Avoiding the party on the dune so Nic and I could play Legolas and Gimli at Helm's Deep. I think I won, but only by a fine margin. We each killed more than 20 Festers. Madness, slaughter followed by giggling.

Only thing I'll have to say is Old Tight-ass is significantly more scary at night. The Randolphin Glass-cannon item is fully charged in the morning.

All in all, a brilliant weekend. Thanks folks.
*sniff sniff* I love you all... *sniff*
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