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TOPIC: Re:Solstice of the Drowned
Re:Solstice of the Drowned 6 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 24  
Well I have to say I really needed last weekend and thank you to everyone who helped take my mind of the shite that is real lifem, I had great fun all weekend (even when suffering on saturday morning )

The traditional "best bits" list:

* New players. . . always nice to see some new faces hope you all had fun and will back to play and monster in the future!
* Bardic revenge. Even the pouring rain can't stop proper bards making up lymerics to mock those who have wronged her.
* Schlop conversations. . . always nice to get an audience and try to keep up with Marks uncanny ability to make up ridiculous rules and crap up on the fly
* Kakarot and the deviant animal schlop
* Gomeric chatting up a "lady" whose wart comments put her right on his wavelength
* Fighting dark spirits and learning to love Spiritual Balance. . always pleasing.
* The Dark Spikky Plotty Corner. It seem like ages since that sort of thing went on. Bravo all plotters.
* The Kiara conspiracy and all the associated plotting. Congratulations Kiara. . remember who you owe favours too hah hah.
* Psi and it's seat related laziness. Worth taking the HQ ability for that alone
* Valens promotion. Well deserved fella.
* Halmaddons Heights and the declaration of crusade, making mercenary offers then going out with the dogs to prep nervously for what we were sure was a fight. I got very wet invoking only to see them leaving as I came back.
* Yorkie Puds!

Lots of good fun was had hopefully by all, looking forward to more entertainment in July. . I am definitely going to need it again the way things are going

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