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TOPIC: Re:Is it really?
Re:Is it really? 9 Years, 5 Months ago Karma: 26  
Strange - I always thought the Green School was in the VAT, and Alorn Verithis was the one out on a limb!

Perhaps that's because Daedalus wore a VAT symbol, as per this picture: old.heroquest-larp.co.uk/gallery/2003/ic...aron/230503%2008.jpg

As for the renamed Morgothian Tower, I've only ever written the new version as "Barad Tirgul", similar to (House) DurGULoth and (House) TumdurGUL.

I think...

Barad means Tower
Tir means to watch

Gul I thought meant sorcery, but according to the elvish experts on the internet, I've just read:

_gul_, any one of the major invisible servants of Sauron dominated entirely by his will.

(as in "Nazgul" ).

So take your pick!
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