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I'd just like to thank everyone at the event for making it an incredible introduction to the world of LARPing. This was my first event and I was slightly apprehensive at what to expect but I was completely blown away by every moment of every day. First, the people, all of you were so welcoming, friendly and really easy to get on with that made my jump into this new world a great experience. Alex, our ref was fantastic, absolutely brilliant as a ref and as helping us nooblets get going and a proper nice guy out of game too. The monsters were great sports, even like Alex says, after being poked in the eyes a few times. I have a huge amount of respect for them for the amount of work they put into the weekend to make it as fast paced and engaging as it was. The high levels were great too, showing us the way and giving us a few hints and tips on who to tip our hats to and who to get out of the way of! They were however, a bit scarce when it came to fighting the 'Broodlord' but I'm sure they were off doing some good elsewhere? Keeping the fire going in the waystation maybe? And without forgetting the other people who made the weekend unforgettable. I don't know everyone's name yet but Paul, Bruce and others for their guidance and behind the scenes efforts and the cooks Alex and Jenny who's Yorkshire puddings I'd drive anywhere for!

This is getting a bit long now, so I'll just add that the amount of detail that went into all aspects of the weekend; the story, costumes, role playing (especially by the Goblin King, whoever that was under that nose and make-up needs to start making himself known the the Scott brothers or Mr Jackson!) really made the whole experience. I had no idea how engaged I was going to get and how thirsty I am now for more! Sadly I won't be able to come to another event for a few years but I can guarantee you that when I'm back I will be at the first event I can make.

Quote of the weekend: [lost on the winding roads near the event] "Hey look, that guy's got a beard, [Alex our ref] he must be a wizard, follow him!"

Thanks again all, see you soon.
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