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TOPIC: Lord Marmions Bane. . Thanks
Lord Marmions Bane. . Thanks 5 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 24  
Following a bit of a planning session yesterday I was reminded I hadn't put my thanks up for the Marmions Bane event which was pure laziness on my part as I had a great event.

Thanks to the refs, monsters and players that made it so, particularly Sky, playing your character as the player-ref is a tough job and easy to get wrong I thought you did a great job!

The High Points!

* Discussions with the Shadowsfall. Drokal and Doshan have never seen a more forthcoming SF. He even pretty much admitted he was keeping secrets because he wanted us to stick our noses in and we might not if he told us everything! I mean how much more encouragement to meddle do we need??

* The Dreadlords Backers. Seeing Ishamael make an appearance was great. The sense of "hmm this bloke is dissing Arakis and hasn't been brutally murdered already he must be _really scary_ " was great. Also fun to see Arakis slightly on the back foot for a minute or too.

* The lonely hill and the immortal knights. . . . having the various retinues and knights wander in and start a very confusing fight was a really interesting encounter that I particularly enjoyed. Thank goodness Beguilement is only "treat the caster as your guild leader" because luckily if my guildleader told me to hold off 3 immortal knights that were chasing him I'd have stood at a gate as they all went through in the case as well

* Healers Corner at the Caves. Another really fun encounter that added a different feeling to the situation. Sitting with Dreidan, Marcus and Jon down in the little glade having a beer while the party got mullered with no healing was . . . . yeah I'll say it. . hilarious

* Spider Egg Sacks! Yuck and heh heh heh heh.

* Plot generally. . threads of various events seemed to be knocking around which has been intrigued to the upcoming events. . .


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