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TOPIC: Re:The Coming of Ison thanks
Re:The Coming of Ison thanks 5 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 3  
I had an AMAZING week and it was really what was needed.
Thanks to all the monster crew for baring with me!
Thansk to nick for writing such a cool event, im now torn whether to play or crew the next one... hhmmmmm grrh.
It took me till about sat to get my voice back from all the screaming i did lol.
Thanks to the players for understanding how knackered we were for half the week lol!
And a HUGE Thanks to Alex White and Jenny, for the amazing food and the help they gave us to do the set peices. You made that base look AMAZING!!!!

Fav bits of the week.

Tron Section. Toms penis glowsticks.... jus pure class lol! Im also quite impressed that matt and steph heard me screaming from inside the building all the way up at the castle lol!

The Towerless Witch. was NOT expecting that to go as well as it did! Loved sitting RP'ing with Les for a while tho

The Oni.. Well... what can i say... Dont give me a weapon i cant weild lol! Hilarity ensues lol. Poor Ants nutsack lol

The Kalid Pile Up... Now the black eye has gone i can see how that was bloody hilarious lol!

The Final Ritual... Being grappled off an ancient vampire by Delta.. haha.. Alex trying to save me.. "get out that circle now" "I cant (having been entombed)" "oh".
And quote of the week one.. Alex Searby.. "Youre not supposed to giggle while being humped by a bloody hepath!!" Hahaha
Quote of the week two . Alex Spencer to Zacharius "Ill be back... for your hat!" AHAHAHAHAHAHA
And Alex painting rude things on Steph while me n matt wet ourselves in laughter while all three of us were being told off by Nick. Hehehehehe

Getting to go in as Kassi and join the party for a while... LOVED IT THANK YOU NICK!!!!

Throwing twigs at Matts head while waiting for the party as Dymwan and having him keep looking at the tree to see where they were coming from hehe.. yeah matt, the twigs in the hood were me too hehehe

Oh theres too many other things to go into too thats jus a small selection of my favourite bits hehe. I had a great week with great people! Thank you all SO much!

We shall see you all at Alex's birthday do as thats the next time we're allowed out to play lol (or monster hehe)

See ya all soon,

Love xxx
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