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TOPIC: Re:5 wonderful day in the life of...................
Re:5 wonderful day in the life of................... 4 Years, 8 Months ago Karma: 5  
Great stuff!

The event was dripping with evidence of lots of preparation. I loved the map concept, especially when Cardinaris appeared on it, and the sudden post-apocalyptic feel as the living figures on the map were decimated. And that we were all trapped.

All the big fights on the last day were crackers, very edgy.

Kicking Halmadonians. Loved getting the Banner of the Knights of our Dark Lady out, and imagining all those good spirits go up in smoke.

I also liked the fight with half the party dark engulfed and lit up with glow sticks. Liked the concept of 2 parallel fights on 2 planes, in the same physical space.

'Mass Death'!

I enjoyed our little Baron huddles (often with an added Seneshal), with our determination to present a united front. I did have to check in the mirror every now and then for signs of developing 'drowness'.

I also briefly thought the Corsair crew were going to mutiny during our fireside chat discussing the merits of crossing to the other side of the site in search of Minotaur loot vs looking after 'the big picture'. Sorry to any monsters waiting for us.

Only one complaint, as voiced on the game. I fully expected to see Gav in a nappy again during this game, and feel cheated that I didn't. In lieu of this, I expected the much diminished Cardinaris at the end to appear in a nappy. Never mind.
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