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TOPIC: Re:5 wonderful day in the life of...................
Re:5 wonderful day in the life of................... 4 Years, 8 Months ago Karma: 26  
I would like to add a massive load of thanks to all the people who made this event possible.

Especially Bruce, Shaun, Gav, and the cheerful monster team who didn't have the luxury of a warm building to dry off in, I salute you!

Thanks to Alex & Jenny for the food. That flapjack was delicious.

Thanks to the people behind the scenes who contributed to the plot and physical logistics/organisation, such as Steve B who turned up over the course of the event in many guises!

The effort the ref team had put into the event was palpable. The little handpainted figures (with beards chiselled off & staffs embellished) were wonderful, the recorded identifies/communes were an interesting idea (sadly I didn't end up trying one out but nice innovation anyway!), the interlinking runes and trapboxes and scrolls had something to keep the decipherers on the party happy - so much attention to detail!

I think they get to claim the title of Most Organised Ref Team Ever!

I found the plot highly enjoyable, with decisions & consequences, diplomatic & dodgy dealings, working with traitors and unlikely allies.

Nice work to Mick on keeping the butler suitably sinister

Favourite bits - I'll think of more later, but killing Cardinaris was a highlight I enjoyed the Kalid fight afterwards too and Araikas showing up to tell the Halmadonians what he thought of their holy word etc!

Personal moments:
* Banner of Remove Good Spirits, every evil person's dream when fighting Order of Purity! Why did we hand it back again...?!
* Arm wrestling competition - (especially when I realised it came down to natural not in-game strength...)
* Realising the way to defeat Cardinaris was to drop a giant orange ball out of the sky on him
* Fortune teller
* Harlequin on a number of occasions - for example telling the Halmadonians to crawl off in shame, and then the post-carnival conversation - tut tut!
* Lancorrin's "that's enough fun for the year" comment after sampling Smudge's sparkler
* Cardinaris offering to lend me his staff when I yelled that I was looking for a big power weapon to beat him with!
* Getting to do a 'rousing speech' before our key battle, even if Cardinaris wasn't impressed with it.

Hello again Owajawar! I'll tell Verrick he's a faggot.
And goodbye Aruna, it was nice knowing you! The scythe is a good look.

Thanks also to the people who brought me medicine - it made a massive difference!
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