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Re:5 wonderful day in the life of................... 4 Years, 8 Months ago Karma: 14  
I would also like to add my thanks to the many people who helped to make the event a huge success.

First and foremost to my co-conspirators, Shaun and Gav. I have worked in many teams, but I have to say that for me, this is the best team I have worked with. The many meetings we had to work through the plot, the huge efforts by Gav and Shaun to create the many props and their hard work on the event itself.

Also thanks to Steve Barnes for joining the ref team and helping out both before and during the event and the excellent delivery of the immense amount of information he was given to deliver to the party as Sir Clavados, Mian and the Uncles.

Thanks also to Pete Sutton for helping to develop the plot and making it as interesting as it was.

The monsters were absolutely amazing; putting up with less than excellent facilities and at times bad weather and late nights, without a word of complaint. They were so much more than just monsters and helped out in many ways. Their enthusiasm and good spirits really made the event what it was and I cannot thank them enough.

Thanks to Alex and Jenny for the food and general looking after the party.

Finally, thank you to the players, without whom it would have all been pointless. Rich Sherwood for helping to organise the players and acting as player liaison and the rest of the players for remaining happy and positive throughout the event and responding well to whatever was thrown at them, be it harsh weather or stats.

For me it was immense fun and now I need a nice rest until the next one.
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