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TOPIC: Re:5 wonderful day in the life of...................
Re:5 wonderful day in the life of................... 4 Years, 8 Months ago Karma: 23  
Right finally managed to recover and have _almost_ packed all the kit away (apart from the stuff I had to send back with Gav. . . must get that back at some point).

Thanks first to the monsters who were never in anything other than good spirits when I ventured over to the damp muddy tents they called home. They were all stars.

The party were also a pleasure to player ref for throughout the event. Very understanding when the odd thing didn't go quite to plan and with a minimal of "I struck high then retreated into a bush" battleboarding storytime

It was, as always, a pleasure to spend the time plotting and planning with my partners in crime Gav and Bruce who continued to come up with ideas until about the weekend before the event (which I spent doing MP3's for comms and identifies) despite planning for about a year! What's the next project chaps. . . I've got some ideas . . . .

Traditional Highlight section

* Bill Jingle going all "front rank" on the undead waves following the assault on the neutral shrine
* Party ritualising. . . coming back to find everyone organising things to do the blood ritual (twice) and the shadow book protection thing was a real encouragement that people were engaged.
* Certain party members "rolling with it" and rather than bimbling around waiting for someone to give them the undead embody stats just making their own up! . . nice one!
* The Carnival . . the entire night went better than I had ever imagined.
* Arm Wrestling. . against Bill. . talk about an ego deflation
* The near mutiny by the fire and Dudges excellently timed and delivered morale boost using a pile of shiny gems and showmanship! Well done.
* Harlequin finding out about the robe of "enduring spirit" and his face when he realised it was lying on a table because nobody actually wanted it!
* Smudge "having had enough" and kicking off on Godwin. Valley Style indeed.

I'm sure I am missing loads but hopefully I will see you all soon.


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