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TOPIC: Re:5 wonderful day in the life of...................
Re:5 wonderful day in the life of................... 4 Years, 8 Months ago Karma: 3  
I had the most amazing time. As always. Was a super pleasure to be part of an amazing sgb 6 day events

Thanks to those 3 for writing an amazing event.
Thanks to Alex Jenny and sue for the food.
Thanks to the party for being awesome.

I must give a huge special thanks to Shaun and Bruce for starting to teach me how to battleboard. Thank you so much

Running two valley parties side by side was awesome. And coming up with who'd done what during the off camera time was hilarious. Especially the whole sasha thing and kass getting possessed and killing Jeffrey hehe. Gave us such fun to retell stuff that'd happened to the main party. Loved the amount of concern and care shown by members of the main party towards our group

Loved being part of the neutral site. Didn't read the diary till after I started playing Thaddeus she was a messed up puppy hehe.

We had such fun mucking about in monster base too.

Tom as the bearded lady. What the main party don't know is he stayed in that dress all night till he went to bed and acted ladylike most of the night. It was quite... odd.

The carnival went better than I ever thought it would and I loved how everyone really got into it.

Bill lying dead over his drum so it didn't get wet. And tom dancing as the bearded lady to the drum beat. Oh and screaming like a right girl when garrot turned up. Haha

Loved meeting new people and seeing everyone else.

I'm sure there's more but I can't think right Now lol.

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