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TOPIC: Re:The Mystics have spoken
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The Barons of Darkhome have been discussing this matter.

During the first Cataclysm, the Tower of the Dark Eye (also known as the Halls of Mhaat whose ruins lie in the Fairelunde forest) was destroyed. Their tower leader worshipped a being called the Black Pharaoh who was put to sleep by the combined forces of the Heights and Shadowsfall.

Baroness Soulfire states it may be worth noting Dreams-of-Shadow's (a seer of the good sphere) message from a couple of moons ago:

"The Green is being shown evidence by Dark harbingers.
The Traveller journeys amongst the Towered and the Towerless.
He who was bound will soon be bound no more as his shackles have been removed and his dream of imprisonment is coming to an end.
Those that Judge will make a reckoning and Orin Rakatha will be changed.

HE will return and cast HIS dark glance across the land and HIS dark voice will proclaim the Judgement and so some will Fall."

Though your message states “He who was Bound should be unbound and those put to sleep should be awoken.” which doesn't necessarily fit.

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