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TOPIC: Re:Can or should the Cataclysm be averted?
Re:Can or should the Cataclysm be averted? 4 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 26  

Some parties have sought to spread mis-information about the Cataclysm, as it suits their own purposes. I shall correct this here.

In addition to Dreadlord Araikas, both Judge Hawson of the Shadowsfall and High Priest Andrew of Halmadons Heights confirmed with me over the last few days that the Cataclysm is inevitable.

The Cataclysm Trigger

It was set in motion by the actions of Judge Leoh of the Shadowsfall, by a ritual he conducted in the Tower of the Four Winds several years ago. A group led by Giles was one of many towered groups who entered the former Tower of Four Winds, where the Shadowsfall were determining who amongst the different towered groups would make a suitable 'vessel'.

Icthalien of the Wizards Concillium was chosen as the 'vessel' and he became a tool of the mystics - the Mist Lord - who went on to destroy the means to depart Orin Rakatha (World Window), as part of the process of locking down the plane.

The following adventuring reports will provide you with further insights should you wish more information:
heroquest-larp.co.uk/campaign-world/in-c...he-nwe-alliance.html - the Shadowsfall actions are seen on the Sativa (skip to the lines in capitals)
heroquest-larp.co.uk/campaign-world/in-c...f-the-mist-lord.html - some facts about the Mist Lord

Information About The Cataclysm Itself

  • The Cataclysm will take place, whichever Sphere is in ascendance.

  • High Priest Andrew of Halmadons Heights (the Head of the Watchers Sect and chief Seer) said that he had tried to inform Sir Danus, the Halmadonian Tower Leader, of this, but Sir Danus has chosen to disregard this fact.

  • There are only two choices for which Sphere is in ascendance: Good or Evil. There is no 'balanced' way, no neutral anchor.

  • We believe that being the Anchor for the Ascendant Sphere at the Conjunction will give the person acting as Anchor sufficient power to influence the nature of the Cataclysm.

  • Should Sir Danus ascend as the Good Sphere Anchor, he seeks to use his position of influence to completely remove the Evil Sphere from Orin Rakatha.

  • Should Dreadlord Araikas ascend as the Evil Sphere Anchor, he will use his position of influence to both ensure Alliance security and start a new age of Law upon Orin Rakatha.

What This Means For Us

For those who advocate a way of balance, I suggest that the removal of the Evil Sphere from Orin Rakatha will be exactly counter to those aims.

For those who wish to ensure the safety of our people, not only should you look at Dreadlord Araikas's excellent record of service in the field to the Alliance, but consider that casters of the Evil Sphere make up a significant number of active adventurers. We as an Alliance would be severely weakened without the strength that this brings us.

Perhaps the Cataclysm will bring death, but in the past it has delivered firstly the Towers (to house groups of common peoples), and secondly the Mists (to prevent armies). Most importantly the Cataclysm is a time of Change.

Should Lord Carfleen or Lord Cardinaris have been the remaining anchor for the Evil Sphere upon Orin Rakatha, then I too would have been extremely concerned about what that would mean for both our people and the people of this lands. Indeed, this is one reason that I and others removed them from their position as potential anchors.

However, as someone who is well acquainted with Dreadlord Araikas, I can confidently say that he will act in the way that will most benefit our people. Yes, he is a powerful caster of the Evil Sphere, but look to his actions, and the example he has set within Darkhome. For any member of Darkhome, which Sphere you choose to cast is immaterial. Darkhome stands for strength, loyalty and most importantly Law.

Alliance Declaration

After a vote amongst the Sector Lords, it has been declared that the Alliance as a whole WILL be supporting Dreadlord Araikas in his mission to ascend as the anchor of the Evil Sphere.

The Temple of Four Winds and Darkhome will be co-sponsoring a mission to assist the Dreadlord in the field in Planting Moon.

In Conclusion

Change is coming, whether we wish it or not. Other Towers, such as the Shadowsfall, are descending into Chaos.

Now is the time for us to use our power and this one opportunity to shape the future of both our people and the land for the better.

We are a diverse Alliance. It is our greatest strength.
Let us face the future boldly, with unity, and with conviction.

Kevralyn Soulfire
1st Sorcerer of House Drannath
Baron of Darkhome
Kevralyn Soulfire (Admin)
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