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TOPIC: In Momento Mori - Thanks!
In Momento Mori - Thanks! 4 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 26  
I just want to say a big big thanks to everyone who made the March dungeon In Momento Mori possible.

In particular, a number of players who stepped up to monster/referee for the first part of the dungeon instead of playing themselves. Thanks Bruce, Steph and (until he became ill - hope you're better now) Simon. All monsters and substitute referees, you were totally awesome! Kevin - sorry you missed the fights while out on the overland but thanks for sticking around for the Saturday night encounters

OMG some hard fights! In particular, Kleinmort Ironfist (bonebreak every 3 blows) with no good curing on the party! And I'm not looking forward to bumping into Archivist Amos any time soon

I had a great time, and it was a fun plot to follow. I wonder if my paranoia over the Halls of Sutekh will prove founded or not

Favourite moments definitely included having a proper rant at the 'naughty archivist' (Kylar can you bring a soapbox along next time we go on a mission), having a friendly chat with High Priest Andrew and other political incidences. Being 'tempted' to join the Micheline Order "I've killed a lot of bad people... who? well, a lot of drow, they're all evil aren't they" and becoming a red wizard "I've always had an interest in fire magic".

Taking out the Shadowsfall assassins who were there to job me (I as Sarah was a little bit nervous when 3 of them came into the room while I was alone casting!)

When Lancorrin got bear-hugged by the Kalid Stone Panther who declared him a 'brother', to which Lan replied "seeing as we're brothers, what can you teach me'.

Mucho enjoyed catching up with Kiara too, as well as having my favourite drow around

I do think Khandis needs some drinks training from Harlequin.

Now I just need to get rid of the bruise train on my arm before my sister-in-law's wedding this weekend.
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