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The Situation has become critical, last night 3 Hepaths materialised next to the boy Ison, the guards were able to defeat them but not without them causing havoc within the Citadel. Again the boy himself was unharmed, although clearly terrified. The matter has grown beyond my ability, I have consulted with High Priest Woolf of the Humakti, but he was unable to help as Hepaths are not undead, although he did point out the proximity of All Hallows Eve. I have also turned to the Ti’an as his knowledge of Hepaths seems the greatest amongst our people, and has begun an examination of the boy to see if he can determine the cause of these Hepaths.

One final note, the guards reported they heard the boy talking with someone. The voice was deep and male and accented. When the guards entered the chamber to see whom the boy was conversing no one was to be found. I questioned his mother Rhiana on the subject, and all that she could add is that the boy often mentions his imaginary friend Alekzander.
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