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TOPIC: Re:New LARPer with some questions
Re:New LARPer with some questions 3 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 12  
Hi Emily!

All good questions, so here's my 2p worth...

- When do I arrive for the even that starts on a Thursday? Like at what time? I'd love to come early and meet people and get some advice for starting out but I don't want to be alone at the sit obviously.

Events normally start around 9pm, and the bulk of people start to arrive from 5ish probably. The refs are often on site much earlier, and there are usually some extra keen bods milling about earlier too. You'll get an email from HQ admin a week or so before the event with details in any case.

- What equipment is 100% necessary? I have a couple of outfits (I got into LARP through starting leathercraft as a hobby and making costumes) and an old tankard that needs a bit of cleaning. I have access to a sleeping bag and pillows if needed. I will be arriving by car so I can bring stuff with me. Can my sleeping bag be modern or does everything have to be in-character?

Check out: www.heroquest-larp.co.uk/whats-it-all-ab...s/what-to-bring.html

- I have never done the in-character thing except for drama class back in the GCSE day (some 5 years ago now) and am a bit worried about having to stay in-character, especially backstory. I've read all of the rules and the info on the setting but I don't know it well enough to really give myself a good backstory, which is irking me.

I wouldn't worry too much about a back story for your first time. For a start, keeping it simple makes staying in-character much easier. And don't worry about that too much either - no-one's looking for Shakesperian quality acting - the main rule is to not talk about real life. As long as you mostly avoid that you'll be just fine. And the odd slip is fine - it's only a game.

- How much money should I bring with me? Do I even need any money? I don't want to bring too much given that it's effectively camping.

Everything is laid on and all part of the cost, so no real need to bring any really. The only thing that isn't is snacks and booze, so if you're so inclined, make sure you bring your own.

- All of this stuff about skills and points and stats has me confused. I know the concept from online games etc but are you meant to keep it in your head all of the time? What about the combat? Won't I be a bit outclassed by everybody else who is a much higher level?

Whilst higher level characters are obviously going to be more capable, the rules are designed to allow mixed level parties to adventure together. It may be prudent to stay more out of harms way than the high level Knight, or whatever, but first timers have slightly different, more forgiving rules and are generally given more leaway by the refs. Again, it's a game and the reason why any of us do it is to have fun, so my advice would be, especially on your first outing, don't worry about the rules too much and get stuck in!

- I want to be a scout-type class, though I would not be averse to being a warrior. Anybody have any advice on costuming, play-style, etc?

A scout's a good choice, but first timers essentially play something fairly generic (the rules are designed that way so you can a) get a feel of what you might like and b) not worry about the intricacies of the rules that apply to certain classes. And don't worry about getting stuck in a class you don't like - you can always change later if you want. Again, it's a game, it's for fun, nothing toooo strict here.

And finally, WELCOME, you're gonna have a blast!!

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