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TOPIC: Re:Any ideas??
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Nothing wrong with wearing a mask. . although I'd recommend it's not permanently attached IC as you will inevitably want to remove it at some point (I do for example have to take my beard off when eating as my duergar otherwise I end up with mouthfuls of fake hair :-s but no-one gets too upset with me for that I hope!). So avoid concepts like "I wear the mask because beneath I have no skin" unless you are going to do make-up effects under it for when you want to take it off for dinner . I would also recommend trying it out first, there is nothing worse than having to give up on a neat costume idea mid-event because you went a step too far (e.g. something turns out to be unbearably uncomfortable after 30 minutes). On the other hand some people (me apparently) find that props and make-up effects help them get into charcter. Most of my characters wear full makeup and I have numerous examples of prosthetics such Noses, Ears and Beards. I also like wigs and have recently introduced some animated cat ears into the mix.

I am also not sure what Skore armour looks like and my google-fu hasn't brought up anything detailed enough to make a call about but judging by the images of models I have seen I would suggest speaking to a weapons manufacturer (someone like Eldritch, White Wizards Workshop or similar) about getting it make in foam and latex. The other options are to try and use layered leather. To be entirely honest though armour can be complicated and it may be easier to go for something "off the shelf" and add soft costume for the effect you are after. As for pain blades. . if they are actual combat weapons you probably won't get away with anything "attached" to you as such as you will need to keep a good safe grip on a combat prop. If they are more like piercings and decoration some thin firm foam cared into blade shapes latexed and sealed could easily then be latexed to your arm/face/wherever to give them "shoved through the skin" effect (add fake blood and callogen scarring for effect).
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