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I would have probably been talking generally about the fact that St Michel was a Champion of Law and his original knights purpose was to identify those within our people with darkness and chaos in their hearts but over the years the Michelines became more about fighting evil and thus the legends about the man would have been influenced by how the priests interpreted his actions.

It's probably good to mention that time has also influenced how the name is spelt. Even the 'Order of Saint Michael' and 'Michelines' have different takes on the name (I believe that it's spelt wrong in the rule book) I for one would spell it 'Order of Saint Michel'

The Order of Saint Michel is a group of highly skilled warriors who have dedicated themselves to the service of the Good Sphere. It is their duty to defend the helpless and prevent the spread of the Evil Sphere.

Micheline Sect
The Micheline Sect is dedicated to the Good Sphere and strives to defeat Evil in all its forms. Priests of the Micheline sect range from pacifist healers to fully armoured fighting priests who take the fight directly to the forces of Evil.

The second reads a bit more aggressive. Verrick thinks that preventing the spread isn't enough, being more active is required.

As an OSM Kellorin should read

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