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The priest entered the Inn , as he anticipated it had changed, everything had changed.
He moved to a table ordered himself a drink and sat back.
It had begun a couple of months earlier , pain had woken the man terrible searing pain, the priest had struggled but he had been restrained. Hands had pawed at him and a soothing voice had been spoken ' be calm my friend , you are safe we mean you no harm '
The priest had found himself in a hospital , his memories were gone , well at least a years worth .
The hospital was in the lands of the Wizards concilliem, the priest couldn't understand where there tower had gone or what they were waffling on about concerning the loss of all of the nations towers including his own.
He was told he had been in an accident and changed , he didn't believe a word of it, collecting what possessions he was told were his he had left and headed back to what he had been told were Vally lands.
The priest chuckled to himself apparently he had been trained by the mighty Delta himself and had joined the concilliem to become a sorcerer of green magic, , the man liked Delta and had a lot of respect for the monk but could never imagine them being close, let alone becoming a sorcerer.
When his drink arrived the man sat back , pulled back his hood and took a long drink , things had changed , things had changed a lot and Vallan was not impressed.
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