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TOPIC: Re:Misst Adventures Thanks
Re:Misst Adventures Thanks 2 Years, 5 Months ago Karma: 3  
It was indeed awesome!
Even the near TPK! HAHA!
Really enjoyed playing a new low level char. was amazing.
Thanks to all the crew, to MBT, to Bruce, to George for making me cry! (In a very good way!)
Thanks to creen for awesome food.
Thanks to the players for being an awesome group to be with. Rhianna has certainly learnt a lot and changed a lot already!
And yay chocolate!

So much plot spewed on us!! So much!!
And so many "oh holy crap on a cracker" moments!
Especially the grey man assassination/stealing!

I think both me and Alex can both say we loved seeing out plot put in, even if we weren't playing those characters and we're itching to say things but can't.
Can't wait for kass to finally catch up with evashim!

And finally..
"Hello, you've reached the voices of the mystics. We're currently busy dealing with 20 other things from various nations so please leave your name, nation and nature of your complaint and well try and get back to you"

see you in just under 2 weeks!

PS: next event is in just under two weeks, we don't have many crew. If anyone is free we could really do with you and would make Matt stress less!
Thanks guys!!
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