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TOPIC: Re:One Life, One Death.
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That is a very fitting word for how I feel right now. After a very long lay off from Role Playing what with life throwing multiple curve balls my way I can only say how fantastic this week has been!

To begin with I have to mention the party. To a man (and woman) you were all immense. I had such a great time talking and fighting with you all and I can honestly say I don't remember a past event were I felt a complete sense of happiness when thinking of you all. You were all a pleasure to spend time with and it is great to know that this club I have spent 29 years being involved with is still alive and better than ever!

A special mention for both Skye and Ichabod for both keeping on top of the story and always being there to deal with the diplomacy on this mission. I know what a difficult and sometimes thankless task that can be and both of you in different ways handled things very very well.

The Ref / Monster team were amazing. It was clear to me just how much preparation and effort had gone into this event. It was absolutely without question my favourite HQ dungeon to date and I know many others I talked to felt the same way. It was a pleasure to return and this whole event combined has most certainly re-awakened my love for Role Play.

To my Sword Brothers I do feel a deep sense of sadness that I will not be able to fight alongside you as Rancor anymore but the way the event went and the conclusion of the story made perfect sense to me. To head into the light after Tancred, my original Sword Brother seemed a fitting end to 27 years fighting alongside each other as these characters. The Sword is in great hands and I look forward to hearing the future stories and accomplishments of The Sacred Sword. To Cirith in particular I will miss our days together Brother! Oh what a journey we have had together, some of the best times of my life.

One final special mention to 2 champions we have had the pleasure of spending so much time with over the years.

Lupus - You have been the most stalwart and trusted ally the Sword could have ever asked for. We have a long history together and some of the greatest and hardest moments of our campaign will always be remembered with you standing by my side and Brother in my heart till the end!

Verrick - A true champion of the light and our other most stalwart and trustworthy ally. It has been an honour to play this character with you and I thank you for your honest and sometimes challenging opinions and for being a huge catalyst in the evolution of the Sacred Sword.

Highlights well there are too many to mention. Probably the most overwhelming was the small ceremony that was held as I was about to become Guardian of the Hall of Heroes. To see legitimate sadness and emotions rising up in so many of you literally brought me to tears. It took every ounce of my strength at that moment when surrounded by you all to keep myself in check.

The encounter with Rancor's Father was immense. Even though to be honest I did not get to see a great deal of it, it was a moment when I realised that Rancor's adventuring days were coming to an end.

Sitting outside with Kurt and Klegg whilst we ate dinner and then lobbing a wet soggy carrot at the Dymwan as he turned and walked away. Then Gav's response 'I will not forget the Carrot!' had me in a fit of hysterical giggles that I have not experienced in so many years. To be fair on this event I have laughed probably more than I have laughed in the previous 5 years which is a blessing unto itself.

And so Rancor's days are done but Wayne's are just beginning again. I look forward to seeing you all again very soon. Let the new and good times roll!

Wayne x
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