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TOPIC: Re:One Life, One Death.
Re:One Life, One Death. 2 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 2  
First up a massive thanks to everybody involved in One life, one death.
Especially the refs- Gav, Bruce, Shaun and Chioma, but also the excellent crew, Creen and Jen and ofc the players.

Before the event the party looked really fun on paper and it proved to be true as no matter what the party were in good spirits and enjoying themselves.

The briefs before the event and the help with bb's and rules was also ace.

The day down the caves was outstanding- thanks to Shaun for taking his driving duties seriously and to the refs and crew for making sure that we were all safe and happy in a very challenging enviroment- depite Cirith being in a state of terror most of the time, George felt safe and well looked after all the time.

The Choriens daughters were very scary, as was being in prison with Gil and Dymtharis ( i had hoped i would never meet Gil) The runout was terrifying especially as it nearly went horribly wrong.

Loved ( and hated) the crawlthrough, rediscovering Polis and the whole thing with the glowstick, spirit strength and spiritual essences was really well thought out and very engaging.

Honestly, one of the best days i've ever had LARPing- it will live long in the memory.

Really enjoyed the split party at the start and the humble hovel of humact. Getting rescued was ace , seeing all the old friends after a few years was great and standing up to Mian was most enjoyable.

It was really nice to have a calm day on Thursday- though the fight with Rancors dad was brilliant and Waynes roleplaying was spot on and bloody hysterical (dadadada im not listening lol) was very tense when we were caught on our own- seeing Scortch's heels as he sped off to get the rest of the group was quite a relief.

Fri was really tough and i realise now how scary we must have been at fest as the Dymwan cos Gav, Neil and Lex make a truly scary trio. Lots of big fights and some excellent diploming from Kiara.

Kudos to Kiara who led us excellently- I for one enjoyed my game more knowing the Sky had it taken care of. There were a number of times that the pressure was really on and Sky reacted really well, kept calm took advice and made good decisions. It definitely helped that we were united and she had good advice but its still hard so well done Sky.

Fri was the day that the good evil schism was at its widest but both *sides* continued to respect and value each other and as was said many times our strength comes from our diversity and despite the challenging situation it felt like we were always on the same team. Killing the void collector Fri was done well and it felt like we were really hitting our stride by now.

I really enjoyed the pace on Sat a everyone was pretty exhausted.Most memorable are meeting Puke again which was very funny, the TPK against the death knights and of course the grand finale.
Rancors decision the become guardian of the halls was immense and the emotions was strong and tangible. The reforging of the sword was a massive boost and it felt like all would be well

I had wondered how the refs would do it, and how it would play out and it was pretty much perfect. We had a decent plan and it worked. As we approached the battle i turned to Tankred and said - you are going to leave us now as well aren't you brother?

I am brother he replied, you know me so well- and thus the legends of the sword were secured. Tankred ensured that Cardonaris returned to the life sphere and as we stood there stunned, realising the staff was still with us I thought who next? Rancor took up the challenge and that was it- weeping all round. Staring into the fire thinking of everything that had happened in the last week and the last 20 years.

A most fitting ending for 2 great characters, superbly executed by 2 excellent rolplayers.
A most fitting ending to one of Heroquest's greatest storylines, superbly executed by Heroquest's finest referees.

Massive respect to all,
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