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TOPIC: Wedding Etiquette
Wedding Etiquette 9 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 2  
Dear Friends,

For those of you who will be attending the King’s wedding shortly, I have been asked to deal with a few matters of etiquette and answer some common questions.

1. We understand that the Queen-to-be will be attending Kingsfort on Murandir (formerly known as “The Village” and currently the King’s main base upon the plane) with Praetor Amadeus (see below) and a very small number of Empire troops. The Senatus Empire has placed strict limits on the number of Empire persons who can enter Rol Farintar (the King’s holdings on Murandir) in order to respect the King’s sovereignty and to provide an opportunity for him to demonstrate his ability to take and hold his traditional lands. Therefore the Queen’s party will be small.

2. Nevertheless, Praetor Amadeus is one of the most powerful and respected persons in the Empire. Following the Second Great Crusade, during which the King was crowned, Amadeus was elevated from the rank of Senator to Praetor, one of only two such senior positions in the Senate. Praetor Amadeus has proved himself a staunch ally of our people, and has been instrumental in arranging the return of the King to Murandir on terms that allow the King to achieve a permanent peace with the Senatus Empire and independence for himself and his people. Praetor Amadeus is also unusual in the Senate in being an active general as well as political leader. He should therefore be treated with the respect normally accorded to a Tower Leader.

3. We anticipate that Praetor Amadeus will attend with at least one member of the “Praetorian Guard”. These highly famed warriors are dedicated to the service and protection of the two Praetors of the Senatus Empire. However they are not famed for their sense of humour. It is essential that they are treated with thoughtful respect in order to avoid a serious diplomatic incident, and potential bloodshed.

4. It would be helpful to bear in mind that members of the Senatus Empire value humans above other races, and hold some challenging ideas in relation to “racial purity”. We are confident that those members of the Empire attending the wedding will prove tolerant to the non-human races which are so vital to the Kingdom, but would ask all people to bear in mind the fact that long-held beliefs cannot be changed overnight. A degree of reciprocal allowance for the customs of both cultures will no doubt go a considerable way towards ensuring a successful and harmonious celebration.

5. The King has indicated a desire to avoid undue formality during the wedding. Therefore speeches and ceremonies will be kept short. It is appropriate to address the King as “my lord”, “sire” or “sir”. The Queen-to-be is herself of noble birth, however the terms “my lady” or “ma’am” would be appropriate.

6. Whilst the King does not himself drink alcohol, or engage in excessive revelry, he is anxious to ensure that all those attending the wedding are able to celebrate in ways that they choose, and that an atmosphere of good cheer prevails. He has therefore made it clear that drinking in moderation is entirely permissible, providing that this does not lead to behaviour that is offensive to others, particularly our guests from the Senatus Empire.

7. Similarly, the King has indicated that it is not necessary for individuals to spend undue time or resources in preparing for this happy event. Clothing, armour, weapons, etc. should be that which would normally be worn when on active duty outside the Towers, not least because there may be a significant requirement for persons and groups to undertake various tasks in order to ensure the smooth running of the celebrations. However, persons may wish to ensure that they have a change of smarter or cleaner clothes that can be worn when attending the wedding itself on the final morning. Wedding gifts are not expected from individuals below the rank of Guild or Craft leader.

I hope that these points will prove useful. It is the King’s fervent wish that the wedding proceeds smoothly and provides a rare opportunity for celebration of our people’s many achievements.

If you have additional questions they may be posted here.

Priest Edwin,
Wedding Logistics.
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Re:Wedding Etiquette 9 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 2  
Fanks for der tip I is going to get a smart shirt made in der colors od st Michale in onor of der kings former allegance.
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Can I kill it can I can I?
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