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Hi Adam

I have been thinking of adding an (optional) email notification for when you get messages.

At the moment, you can tell whether you have a message when you are logged in by the following 3 ways:
1) In the forums, under the line "Welcome, Adam T" (next to your profile pic at the top), there is a line:
"Show Latest Posts | My Profile | My Messages | Logout | Announcements"

If you have a new message, this will read:
"Show Latest Posts | My Profile | My Messages (1 New) | Logout | Announcements"

2) Under the drop-down menu at the very top of the page, "MEMBERSHIP", you can go to your inbox via the link "Your Messages"

3) If you click on the link "Your HQ Membership", also under the MEMBERSHIP menu, you can see whether you have any new messages there too.

Currently you can't delete messages, but I'm sure I'll add functionality to do that at some stage. Likewise, to be able to tell which guild a character comes from (and their position within it).

As for SpiN, I guess you didn't see my forum posting where I said "I've sent a few messages from my sprite to get the ball rolling - don't worry about them" (or similar)! I found the conversation amusing anyway...

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