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TOPIC: Re:Thread navigation borked?
Re:Thread navigation borked? 8 Years, 8 Months ago Karma: 13  
The bug is as follows:

If you enter a thread via the "last post" link in either the main Heroquest Babble, or via any of the forums, the <<start <<prev <<1 2 next>> last>> buttons don't work; they just take you back to the last page...

I'm guessing the forums are mis-generating the URL string and making the forums default to the last page or something... I'm guessing it's just another example of Fireboard's original programmers being incapable of writing basic PHP...

I've tried Kunena on another site and it seems pretty good in comparison... No idea whether we can transfer while maintaining the same DB though...

EDIT: Aha! I've tracked it down, but it probably needs your knowledge of the forums to correct (I'll be there for hours hunting down the right bit!)...

Basically, when the forums create the URL string for the buttons, they're generating a code for page 2 (e.g. www.heroquest-larp.co.uk/forums.html?fun...imit=10&start=10 ) which will take you to a page starting at post number 10, rather than www.heroquest-larp.co.uk/forums.html?fun...;catid=5&id=4658 which is what the link SHOULD be... if we can just remove the &start=10 from the <<prev etc buttons when the page is number 2 then we're sorted...
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