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Hi Mike

That's about the going price I'm afraid. You might find someone who wants to unload some second hand, but that's the rate I paid for mine.

Would this character be for HeroQuest or Fest? The reason I ask is that you might find a bow in a high hit system about as useful as the proverbial chocolate tea-pot. Archer-Wizard might be worthwhile, but ask yourself these questions before going to archer route:

Do you want to pod shot people / shoot them in the face, because you will, albeit accidentally.
Do you want a skill that is even less useful and potentially dangerous OOC at night?
Do you want to spend every battle board wandering about on your own looking for arrows?
Do you want to do A LOT of running away as Monsters do tend to make a bee-line for you once you've shot your arrow.*

Given that for me, the answer to these questions was a big "no" I gave up the bow. Besides, it's a nancy's weapon.


* Oh yeah, I've seen you play Laethia Fae - you're okay with running away a lot
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