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Echoing Phil really. that is pretty much the going rate for arrows, they are fiddly, a pain in the arse and potentially far more dangerous than any other type of weapon so basically are a premium.

Another option is to see whether you can get enough people together to make it worthwhile ordering a case of arrows from the IDV people (Assuming the F&H system allows the round-head arrows). You can get a sizeable discount if you bulk order but the minimum is (I believe) 144 arrows so you are looking needing a few people to come in on it to make it viable.

I might be up for it. I think Neil Herron still has a couple of arrows for me but my quiver is looking much sparser than it once did.

That's the other thing to get used to. Breakages and losses.

However that said for the Herofest battle last year was one of the most outrageously entertaining fights I have ever been in at LRP. Bows + 1 hit systems = comedy. Ditto for the fight circle stuff.

Keen archer, but admits for HQ they are far less useful.
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