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TOPIC: The "Mist Lord"
The "Mist Lord" 7 Years, 10 Months ago Karma: 26  
Recently, the bridge from Orin Rakatha to Thranduil via the Halfway House was destroyed by an individual known as the "Mist Lord".

He is now heading towards the World Window, and it is believed he intends to take action that would also prevent it from being used. Currently, the World Window is our only way of travelling to Murandir.

The Time of Reckoning has been declared by the Shadowsfall to take place this week. It is essential that travel can be facilitated between Murandir and Orin Rakatha to ensure that sufficient Status is pledged in time.

What Other Towers Think

While other Towers might find the destruction of the World Window more than an inconvenience, it is likely that in the near future they will mostly be pre-occupied with ensuring their own Status is securely pledged.

One exception seems to be the Shadowsfall who appear to be taking an interest in the activities of the Mist Lord - we met one group who were looking to exchange information about this individual.

What We Know About The Mist Lord

The Shadowsfall reported that the origins of the Mist Lord are "unknown" (this in itself is unusual); their reports of him only started surfacing last year.

He has undertaken at least one mist walk - Alliance reports place him at the Valgrind Pass earlier this year.

He has (unusually) control over several mistweavers; we fought one in his advance guard as he made his way towards the World Window.

The Ikarthian Triangle was created to prevent the flow of mists into the area between it. However, in High Sun this year, we met hordeling followers of the Mist Lord inside the Ikarthian Triangle and it was reported that the boundaries to the Triangle had been breached. I recall hearing that a ritual had been performed to cause the flow of mists back into the Triangle, although do not recall whether it was successful.

Missing Alliance Members

A low-status Alliance group were lost in the mists as we sought to slow the approach of the Mist Lord to the World Window. Their current location is unknown.

Further Information

I can provide more detailed information to individuals/groups who are looking to undertake a mission to counter the threat of the Mist Lord - make contact via the Wolfhold Ambassadors to obtain this.

Kevralyn Soulfire
Controller of the Wolfhold Ambassadors
Kevralyn Soulfire (Admin)
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