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TOPIC: Re:mists of war
Re:mists of war 6 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 23  
Now I've recovered sufficiently to actually pick up the laptop and type I thought I add my thanks to the pile.

To MBT - another sterling event looking forward to many more in the future

To the Monsters - for using me as a bell all weekend and seeming to be having far to much fun at it.

To the Party - for sticking together and never losing that fighting spirit no matter how warm it was getting.

To Martin Wise - for killing me twice in the space of 4 minutes. . . git.

I had an excellent event, a properly good first outing for the new face of the Order on Orin Rakatha (thanks to whoever muttered "I can see why the king left that nutter here" behind my back on the Saturday evening, that gave me warm fuzzy feeling) looking forward to more crusading in the future once I have built up the energy to put the armour back on!

Fave Bits:

* "For St Michael and the King" a good charge never goes amiss.
* Getting a fully fledged evil knight show up and put both of us back in our place sharpish, nice work Mr Heron
* Layla's "happy face of the Knights Martial" resulting in the quickest conversion from the Fell Knights ever!
* The fight on the sand having the torches lighting the hill was very atmospheric. . although running constantly away from Buckley was not only knackering but completely against my Idiom! heh heh
* The Dogs for being the keenest bunch of scouts seen out in a long time and for calling Kylar "Alpha" dunno why it just gave me a smile.
* The big hordling fight at the base with both parties involved was also great fun. Seeing the enthusiasm of the stag party was very encouraging

I am bound to have missed loads as usual but thanks to everyone and looking forward to another fun event in August. Clocking up a good year so far

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