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Upcoming Event - Origins and Endings

Event TitleTypeStartsEnds
Origins and Endings Special Thu 5 February Sun 8 February


1  Rob Buckley  The Count
2  Theresa Summers  Luca
3  Shaun McNally  Gravesong
4  Adam Tennant  Toshiro
5  Bruce Duncan  Nathan
6  Ian Smith  Devin Amber
7  Mike Penny  Halve Oathtongue
8  Jem  Tersius
9  Mike Longley  Jannith


1  Matt Bick
2  Alex Hooper
3  Neil Heron
4  Karl Hughes
5  Seb Smith
6  Pat Burden

More Info...

Since King Paullandiss was instated at Eostarre 2 years ago he has determined that it is possible for the Valley peoples to return to Murandir and that a number of his people wish to return home including many in the Commons. Therefore he has sponsored a number of missions to scout out the Valley region in Murandir. This was made easier with the Valley's control of the World Window and Yana's Hut but travel between Orin Rakatha and Murandir is still very difficult, however several missions were able to initially scout small areas of the old Valley and it seems that the forces of the Empire may have withdrawn from the area.

With the loss of the World Window around All Hallows last year the King's business is somewhat curtailed. A Base had been established on Murandir in a former Inn but with the difficulty of travel being such an issue this has since been abandoned the Founding Team have returned to Orin Rakatha to await the finding of a more suitable location.

It is known that the Empire used a plane travelling device to obscure travel between Orin Rakatha and Murandir. Your mission is twofold:

a) Successfully capture & secure the means of controlling planar travel between the two planes.
b) Use it to create a bridge between the two planes.

There is a team of specialists that can be called upon to aid you in this mission once your primary mission objective has been completed. You will be supported in the field by a team of Pathfinders led by Master Pathfinder Thorlim who will brief you more thoroughly. You will be dropped off by Yana's Hut which will then return to Orin Rakatha ready to transport the specialist team at your signal.

Event Briefing

Many previous Valley missions to the old Valley encountered strange alternative versions of previous Valley inhabitants and it was determined that the Empire have used a planar travel device to obscure travel between the two planes. Recent scouting missions have discovered that an old Dark Brotherhood base, once used by Kranium Doomwraith, houses this Empire planar travel device and that it could be used to open a gate between Orin Rakatha and the old Valley on Murandir.

This is a continuation of current campaign plot, where an adventuring group has been asked to journey to Murandir and set up a permanent bridge between Murandir and Orin Rakatha in order to make the re-colonisation of Murandir easier. An opportunity for older characters to return to from where we came and for our newer adventurers to see what all the fuss was about.

Event Details

This event is being held in Horley Scout Camp near London. It starts on the Thursday evening and finishes the Sunday lunchtime. There are currently 6 party members, so plenty of space for more, but there are no spaces now left for monsters.

Site: Horley Scout Camp


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