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Sectors - Old

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The Valley is governed by 13 Lords.

The Hospital

Sector Leader: Lord Volminor

The Hospital is the only sector you are likely to see members of other nations in.

The Hospital cares for the poor, sick & injured within its main treatment rooms for usual injuries, it also has a number of quarantine stations to contain any unknown diseases, laboratories for the investigation of illnesses and diseases, and also houses the Mortuary of Fortunes Keep. In the immediate vicinity of the Hospital are a number of Physik gardens, where healing herbs are grown

There are several Gardens of Convalescence where patients with various disorders are taken for a little peace, and for those recovering from serious illness as well as an Asylum for those who have lost their sanity.

Treatment in the Hospital is for free although people who are successfully cured are asked to make a donation or perhaps perform a small service on behalf of the Hospital. Members of the Hospital attend the Training camps teaching all new recruits the art of Discerning Wounds (Basic Diagnosis) and Binding Wounds (Basic First Aid)

The Forge

Sector Leader: currently vacant

The Forge is an area of the Valley that gathers together many of the artificers the people who make swords, armour, shields & tools sure but also Tanners, Glassblowers, Coopers, Magic Item Smiths etc. The Forge also includes The Kitchens which is a large force of cooks and serving staff that include the Slaughterhouse & Butchery, which deals with all the livestock in the Sector, and is where much of the Leather comes from, the Mills & the Bakery, the Brewery etc. and whose members include the traveling Cooks who bring good Valley cooking to the grateful adventurers in the field.

Also nicknamed Sulphur Town , or The Smoke many that live within the Forge Sector are dirty (from all the soot in the air) and who go masked (to prevent the smoke cough ) and tend to carry small perfumed posies against the stink, many wear leather and some find the outside very cold when compared to living close to the furnaces. Fiercely independent and proud the people of the Forge are vital to keep the Tower functioning and know it.

The Master of the Anvil leads the various crafters, the Master of the Furnace leads the various Fire mages who keep the furnaces going and the Master Bellows attempts to move the air through the Sector to alleviate the worst of the smoke.

In the Forge is the Valleys Armoury which provides generic fitting armour for all New Recruits, if they wish it, and also makes all the weapons and shields used by the Tower.

The Archives

Sector Leader: Lord Veryn Manypage

Every book, every scroll, every note written by anyone in the Valley makes its way here. The Librarians are tasked to make a copy of every written word encountered by the Valley people and also to keep copies of all the books owned by the Valley peoples.

The Sector includes a few buildings around the library itself which include the Scriptorium (where many Librarians faithfully make their copies) a Paper Mill and a Dye works. The Archive s gardens are used to grown many plants (and animals) used to create the various papers, dyes and inks used in creating books and scrolls. All the Candles used in Fortunes Keep come from here.


Sector Leader: Lord Khandis Greyspider

Lord Khandis Greyspider rules Darkhome. The Drow of the Valley are concentrated in Darkhome, although they have a much reduced population, with most having returned to Murandir. Lord Khandis has recently changed the official colours of Darkhome to Black and Red.

Darkhome's inhabitants must observe a very strict blackout during night time; they are allowed lights but lights are not allowed to show outside. The Lampblacks, are responsible for enforcing the blackout curfew and law and order within the Sector. Darkhome also produces "night blooms" (mushrooms).

Darkhome s main contribution to the Valley is to provide tutors to the Training Camps for the Evil Sphere and Black School of Magic.

Darkhome Values

The three most common values that members of Darkhome are expected to share are to demonstrate:

  • strength, through power or force of arms
  • respect and deference for your superiors
  • adherence to Law.

Generally people of a darker disposition tend to suit this Sector: "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few". These individuals are prepared to do anything to maintain the strength and standing of the Valley and Darkhome, whilst adhering to its laws. Khandis is a staunch supporter of the Valley and demands the same from members of his Sector, expecting them to be active participants of adventuring groups, many of them assuming leadership roles within any group dynamics.

The Dark Council

A Dark Council oversees the running of the Sector and advises Khandis. The Dark Council consist of a number of Barons: one each to represent the Warriors, Scouts, Evil Sects and the Drow. These Barons are selected from the Adventurers, to signify their importance and contribution to Sector life.

Drow representativeTBC
Evil Sphere representative TBC
Warrior representativeTBC
Scout representativeTBC

Anyone wishing to be elevated to the Dark Council should publicly announce their desire to become a Baron to a gathering of people from all Sectors. Once communicated, this individual will be required to demonstrate their worth by passing three tests, by demonstrating their loyalty to Darkhome and strength of purpose/arms by performing a task of suitable significance.

It is possible to challenge for an existing position if you wish, in which you case you would have to complete all of the tests, and then personally challenge the current incumbent.

Aether Town

Sector Leader: Lightfoot Flame

In the Sector surrounding Aether Town large "Mana Accumulators" are dotted around the countryside and these spark & crackle with Magic. The very air feels thick and alive. Sometimes from those Sparks Sprites are born - of a variety of colours. Also present are many waterwheels, aqueducts and other more outlandish devices and the locals are encouraged to use ingenuity & inventiveness in their everyday tasks

In Aether Town itself there are many inventors, machinists and purveyors of novelty devices.

The 6 Boroughs

Lady Isabella, Green Sorceress

Sector Leader: Lady Isabella

The Taranor live in a Sector called the 6 Boroughs. Taranor are home to many artisans, creating beautiful works of art and music. They tend to be pleasant and charming, well-dressed and peaceful folk. Others of a similar nature, who are not Taranor, are welcome within the Boroughs. The Taranor remember how they were refugees from their home plane, and then from their Tower and will welcome others to their Sector, just as they were welcomed.

The Six Boroughs is a number of islands connected by a great many bridges. The islands are also connected by many boatmen called the Tramontin, who are also quite powerful. The two largest boroughs are the Etched Island and the Thousand Bridges, where the wealthiest and most powerful live.

Each Borough of the Taranor is associated with one of the ancient Taranor divisions, and each appoint a representative for a year. This person represents them on The Ring of The Six (an abbreviation of The Gathering of The Six ) a council that meets six times a year, once in each Borough. The representative may change or stay in place as desired by each Borough. Rafael of the Artisans is representing the Etched Island on the Ring of the Six this year.

The Etched Island

In the Etched Island, marketplaces are held regularly, with plenty of exciting small stalls selling unique wares. Certain areas of the marketplace are known as the place to be seen, and many young couples have found romance among its bustle. The traders tend to wear brightly coloured clothes.

The Thousand Bridges

The Noble Houses continue their old tradition of trying to outdo each other by flaunting their patronage of the arts, scholars, and architects. You will find them hosting evening gatherings of musicians and poets, inviting philosophers and intellectuals for scholarly debates. In their courtyards, you will find magnificent and intricate sculptures, and trellises strung with well-tended flowers.

The Nobles in particular seek to wear highly tailored and rich clothing: velvets and flouncy hats are popular. Each Noble House is built on a bridge with a tower each end of the bridge and small buildings each side.

The Encircling Earth

The merchants and warriors tend to live within the Borough of the Encircling Earth, and often favour a dash of brown in their livery, or ring-shaped jewellery as a nod to their home.

The warriors here are often from more humble backgrounds, but who aspire to make their way in the world and return with tales of wonder. Being a warrior or guard is a respected profession within the Taranor, and many are housed by the merchants in whose employ they are kept.

Edge Of Darkness

The smallest Borough, those of the Edge of Darkness have a touch of otherworldliness about them. They may be recognised abroad by a black scarf that is attached (e.g. with a brooch) to one shoulder of a cloak, or garment. This is the quietest Borough, especially in comparison to the bustling marketplaces of the Etched Island.

Pillar of Light

Many goodly-aligned priests are found to be living here, and folks tend to be peaceful, joyful or otherwise harmonious nature.

To welcome the start of a day, many gather together in celebration of the sun and light of the morning to listen to the strains of music, the words of a poet, or every seven-days to join in a communal dance to the light.

While there is no rule about clothing, many members of the Borough wear white, yellow or light-colour clothes.

Plentiful Waters

Many green specialists live in this Borough the natural heritage of the Taranor people. While they may not be as wealthy as the merchants or nobles, the magic practitioners of the Taranor are acknowledged as those who bear the strongest links to the home plane and as such, are honoured as the spirit of their people.

The scholars and intellectuals of the 6 Boroughs inhabit the Plentiful Waters, and many a long evening will pass over the drinking of wine and the discussion of ethereal and existential matters.

Discipline Within The Boroughs

A common punishment is a banning of the bridges in that a Taranor may not step foot on a bridge, making him therefore have to ply the waterways, paying the Tramontin fees.

The Marketplace

Sector Leader: Head of the Merchants' Council

The Marketplace is where everything is for sale. It makes all the various outputs of the other Sectors available intra-tower. Within the Marketplace are Brokers who deal on behalf of the other Sectors. A number of merchants rule the Sector but they are a secretive bunch desirous of anonymity.

The apartments here are the most sumptuous of any Sector but cost a pretty penny.

The Temple of 4 Winds

Sector Leader: Changes by season (Dreidyn, Delta, Walks-in-Dreams, Kiara)

The 4 Winds were tools of the Mystics that through misuse became unbalanced and corrupt. Via a long series of events the adventurers of Fortunes keep rebalanced the Winds and promised to create a Temple to perform the necessary rites and ceremonies to keep the 4 Winds in balance. The Lord of this Sector changes according to which Wind is in ascendancy which is dependent upon the seasons. The 4 Winds are North (Ice - Shard) called Boreas, South (Fire - Dreams of Shadows) called Sirocco, East (Blood - Delta) called Lavanter and West (Dark - Kiara) called Coromel.

Since the last Cataclysm the Temple of Four Winds has now become the official "voice of the Mystics" and interprets their will - this is something that has been recognised by the majority of nations upon Orin Rakatha. Now that the Masters of Judgement (Mystics) have been put to sleep their respective Oracles are able to commune with the sleeping Mystics and interpret their dreams in order to ensure that Orin Rakatha continues to be run safely. Dreadlord Araikas (former Sector Lord of Darkhome) has embodied the powers of one of the Mystics (the Black Pharaoh) and has consequently moved to the Temple of Four Winds to help guide the Oracles.

The Valdemar, formerly a Legion of the Kalid and a Tower in their own right, have joined the Temple of Four Winds to act as the Temple guard and official instruments of the Mystics will.

The Warrens

Sector Leader: His Highness, the Goblin King (currently missing)

A Sector that hugs the Valley's eastern borders with the mountains of the Spine, within which many of the Sector's inhabitants dwell, comprising much rougher land which also holds a complex maze of caves and is home to the many of the Valleys goblinoids. The Sector is ruled by the Goblin King who has set up a Senate to aid him. His subjects are divided into tribal holdings living in fortified palisades and caves as they did on Murandir. Although the goblinoids are more hunter gatherer than agrarian many of the tribes do keep flocks of sheep or herds of cattle for which there is plenty of pasture-land.

The Citadel

Sir Clavados

Sector Leader: Sir Clavados

Modelled on the old White retreat on Murandir, the Citadel is a large fort surrounded by neatly parcelled-out farmlands. The fort itself houses the Knightly Orders of Fortunes Keep as well as a Chapel of contemplation. The Citadel has a standing force of militia and generally has a militaristic feel.

The Menagerie

Sector Leader: Lord Vetzlar

This is a Sector that has been turned into something of a zoo. There are botanical and zoological gardens here where Vetzlar breeds various animals and plants. It provides many of the ingredients needed by the Academy of Alchemy to make potions and items.

The Adventurers of this Sector are expected to return with specimens from their travels. There is a vast laboratory and several buildings known only by the number on the door. Vetzlar employs a number of Goblinoids to do his bidding. In addition, the Warlugs and remaining Ash-Gnazi are known to make their home in this Sector. There are a number of old men who work for Vetzlar who are generally dressed in stained leather and appear to be blind & he also has an army of children who he has acquired via debts that their parents have owed to him, these are termed Tithe-Children only these trusted servants (the old blind men and the tithe-children) are allowed into some of the numbered buildings. Those that have been privileged to visit Vetzlar's quarters report that he has a great number of jars of specimens of many different species.

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